How to Soundproof a Dog Crate/Cage and Kennel – Best Ways

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Are you looking to soundproof your Dog’s Crate? Then you are in the right place. I still remember the first time that I build a crate or cage for my dog. I have a Siberian Husky, named Goofy. I know the name is quite funny but I loved the name goofy. Goofy was quite a naughty boy always barking. So due to all the barking, my neighbors started complaining. So I made it a goal to soundproof my dog’s crate perfectly so that it doesn’t disturb the neighbors. It took me around 7 months to perfect the soundproofing of a dog’s crate or cage thing. So in this article, I will be telling you all the things that I followed that worked in soundproofing my dog’s crate or kennel. Also as bonus content, I have provided information on How to stop your dog barking in the crate. 

How to Soundproof a Dog Crates and Kennels

Best Ways to Soundproof Dog’s Crates/Cage/Kennels

  1. Get Some Soundproof Dog Crate Covers
  2. Get Absorption Sheets/Soundproof Blanket.
  3. Soundproof the wall using Acoustic Foam Panels

How to Soundproof a Dog Crate/Cage and Kennel – Best Ways

1. Get Some Soundproof Dog Crate Covers 

Dog Crate Covers are covers that are put over the dog crates, but these covers are not any ordinary covers. They are soundproofing covers so whenever the dog barks the cover absorbs all the sound waves making it soundproof. The sound won’t get out of the crate. 

If you are looking for some recommendations on some best soundproof dog crate covers then these are the best ones that I found on Amazon.

Pet Dreams Dog Crate Cover


Pet Dreams Soundproofing Dog Crate Cover is a good one, maybe the best that I found online. I have been using this dog crate cover and never got disappointed. This dog crate cover is not only soundproofing but also windproof and waterproof so you can use this outside during monsoon season. This dog crate cover is completely padded on both interior and exterior. The exterior makes sure that the sound doesn’t get in and also outside. The interior padded is to make the dog comfy inside and also feel at home for the dog. It also has a foam bumper that protects disgruntled or frantic dogs from the metal exterior of the crate. 

This cover is manufactured using a material that is very breathable so your interior can be well ventilated. If you are wondering if the cover machine washable then Yes, it is machine washable. The fabric used in the cover is really soft and long-lasting. The cushion inside the cover is perfect and dogs love it, I know that my dog loves this cover. 

The only thing you need to take care of before getting a soundproof dog crate cover is the size. Make sure the cover fits the dog crate. Measure the dog crate properly and then choose the dog crate. The Pet Dream Dog Crate Cover that I mentioned will fit most of the dog crates or cage. 

2. Get Some Absorption Sheets/Soundproof Blankets

You can use these absorption sheets or soundproofing blankets as a second layer for the dog crate. This absorption sheet will act as the second layer of soundproof protection. You might be wondering why we need the second layer of soundproofing for the dog crate? That is because the dog’s barking is of high-frequency sound waves so their sound waves could penetrate outside from the layer. That is where these soundproofing blankets or sound absorption sheets come to play. These blankets are really heavy with padding so this will absorb all the sound waves that have penetrated from the first layer which is the dog crate cover. 

These Sound Absorption Sheets are made up of soundproofing material so this one is made for the purpose. This blanket or sheet will also protect the dog during extreme weather such as Cold or Summer so double the benefit. 

So if you are looking for the best absorption sheets or soundproof blankets then we have a dedicated article on that, check it out. 

Cheap Cheap Soundproof BlanketCheap Cheap Soundproof Blanket
Sure-Max Soundproofing BlanketSure-Max Soundproofing Blanket
US Cargo Supreme Sound Demping BlanketUS Cargo Supreme Sound Damping Blanket
Audimute Sound Absorption BlanketAudimute Sound Absorption Blanket
Cheap Cheap Supreme Sound Deadening BlanketCheap Cheap Supreme Sound Deadening Blanket
Singer Safety Double Faced Sound Dampening BlanketSinger Safety Double Faced Sound Dampening Blanket
EasyGoProducts Soundproofing BlanketsEasyGoProducts Soundproofing Blankets
US Cargo Mega Sound Deadening BlanketsUS Cargo Mega Sound Deadening Blankets
Econo Soundproofing BlanketsEcono Soundproofing Blankets
Performance Soundproofing BlanketPerformance Soundproofing Blanket

3. Soundproof the wall using Acoustic Foam Panels

This is another solution to this problem. You can soundproof the whole room or wall using acoustic foam panels which will benefit you in multiple ways.  You can do this only if your neighbors are bothered about the dog barking. If not I don’t recommend this solution.

This solution is a bit more expensive so its totally optional. Let’s say you have neighbors in upstairs that are annoyed by the dog barking then you can only soundproof your ceiling. Or if you downstairs neighbors are bothered then you only soundproof your floor so that the sound doesn’t travel down the floor. Or you are living in an apartment and the apartment next to you is bothered by the dog barking then you only soundproof the wall in your apartment. We have specific information on that check it out. You get the idea right?

So now the matter is how to soundproof these walls, floors, ceilings, or the whole room itself. There are multiple soundproofing materials that you can use such as

  • Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic Foam Panels are really popular soundproofing material. Its mostly used by professional people in their studio or home studio but anyone can use it. Acoustic Foam Panel is really handy if you want to soundproof your wall. Just install the acoustic foam panel on the wall and you are good to go. Acoustic Foam Panels are very inexpensive and effective. Here are some cheap acoustic foam choices. 

Here are some of the best Acoustic Foam Panels :

Foamily Acoustic Studio Foam WedgesFoamily Acoustic Studio Foam Wedges
Mybecca Acoustic Foam PanelsMybecca Acoustic Foam Panels
Foamily-Acoustic-Egg-Crate-PanelFoamily Acoustic Egg Crate Panel
Auralex Acoustics Absorption Foam PanelAuralex Acoustics Absorption Foam Panel
Mybecca Acoustic Foam Bevel PanelsMybecca Acoustic Foam Bevel Panels
IZO Soundproof Foam PanelIZO Soundproof Foam Panel
Auralex Acoustic Wedgies Foam Auralex Acoustic Wedgies Foam
ATS Wedge Foam Acoustic PanelsATS Wedge Foam Acoustic Panels
A2S Soundproof Foam PanelsA2S Soundproof Foam Panels
Beefoam Soundproof Foam PanelsBeefoam Soundproof Foam Panels

Soundproof or Sound Deadening Curtains are a very popular choice of soundproofing material. This not an ordinary curtain or drapes. This specifically manufactured using soundproofing materials. It’s very effective and worth the money. You can use these soundproof curtains for covering the windows at home. This is not let the outside sound come in and also the dog barking outside your place.

Here are some of the best Soundproof Curtains :

Product ImageProduct Name 
How to Soundproof a Dog Crate/Cage and Kennel - Best WaysNICETOWN SoundProof Curtains (Editor's Choice)
H.-Versailtex-Premier-Blackout-Wider-Curtains-300x300H.VERSAILTEX Premium Blackout Wider Curtains (Editor's Choice)
NICETOWN-Blackout-Curtains-Panels-300x300NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels (Editor's Choice)
H.VERSAILTEX-Classical-Grommet-300x300H.VERSAILTEX Classical Grommet Curtain
Deconovo-Blackout-Drapes-Curtain-300x300Deconovo Blackout Drapes Curtains
Sideli-Solid-Rod-Pocket-Matt-Curtains-300x300Sideli Solid Rod Pocket Matt Curtains
NICETOWN-Three-Pass-Microfiber-Noise-Reducing-Curtains-300x300NICETOWN Three Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Curtains
Warm-Home-Designs-1-Panel-Curtain-300x300Warm Home Designs 1 Panel Curtain
Flamingo-P-Full-Blackout-Curtains-300x300Flamingo P Full Blackout Curtains
Absolute-Zero-Soundproof-Curtains-300x300Absolute Zero Soundproof Curtains
  • Paint the Room Using a Soundproof Paint

Yes, you heard it right. You can paint the room using soundproof paint. You can use this Acousti Coat Sound Deadening Paint.

How to Soundproofing a Kennel?

If you also want to soundproof the kennel also then you can follow this information here. 

Soundproofing the kennel can be very tricky because of the hard surfaces and density in the interior. This will make the sound reflect off the surface causing reverberation and echos constantly. So we need to work on reducing the echo and reverberation.

You can use multiple materials to soundproof the kennel such as Acoustic Tiles, Sound Deading Paint, Two layers of drywall and others. But finding the right combination is the key here.

(Bonus Content) How to Stop Your Dog Barking in the Crate

This is a bonus content to provide more value. As I am a dog lover I want to give more advice and information on how to stop your dog barking in the crate so that you can love your dog more. I know how hurtful it is to see our dogs barking constantly. 

  • Make sure that Your Dog Feels more Comfortable in the Crate

One of the main reasons that dogs bark a lot is because they are not comfortable and quite frightened. So it’s important to make sure that the dog is more comfortable and safe. Make sure the crate doesn’t make them feel like being trapped, make sure it feels like it’s their home. You add cushions inside the crate and also some lights or music. Yes, music works better. My dog loves music so I have a small Bluetooth speaker inside the crate and I would play some melodies if my dog is barking. 

  • Avoid Emotional Farewells or Good-Byes

Have you noticed that every time you say bye to your dog by carrying it up and petting it after you leave the dog will be whining for a while? This happened once with my dog. I had to go out of town for the work-related issue and I spent 10mins of time with my dog before leaving. I kissed him, petted him and also got him a new toy so that he behaves well. I was out for a couple of days. When I returned I was heartbroken. He did not eat the food for the whole two days and kept on crying. All the blankets were wet and his eyes were sad. This is where I learned to avoid emotional farewells. Nowadays I don’t even tell my home, I run away before he sees. I know its rude but it works. 

  • Make sure the dog is more active

This is an important tip. Make sure that the dog is more active because if they are more active they will be exhausted to bark. They won’t have much energy to bark. Take them to walks regularly and also run in a park. They will also improve their health level and also yours as you also walk with them. 

  • Don’t leave your dogs in the bathroom

This is a really very important tip to remember. Make sure that you never leave your dog in the bathroom when you go to work or anywhere. The bathroom makes the dog more panicking and also it’s not a very good environment for a good. It’s not a problem for short period for like 10 to half an hour but never leave them in the bathroom for more than half an hour, if you do they will keep barking and it will cause a lot of stress on the dogs too. 

  • Get a Good Toy for your dog

A toy is really essential for a dog to stay in their crate and also to not bark. We all know that dogs are like babies so it’s really important to treat them like a baby too. When you give a toy to a baby it stops crying and starts playing with that. The same goes for dogs as well. Get a good toy for your dog. Make sure that the toy is more fluffy and chewy so that they chew them and also play with it. Playing with the toy distracts the dog so they won’t be barking much. You can buy good toys on Amazon if you want. I get mine from Amazon all the time. 

Wrapping it UP!

Finally, I am concluding this article. I hope that this information was very valuable to you. If it was then please do share with your friends and family who also have dogs and want to soundproof their dog’s crates also. If you have any problem or doubts then please comment below I will get back within 24 hours. If you need any other soundproofing information then refer another article in this blog or comment below with any specifics.

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