10 Best Noisy Neighbors Revenge Ideas (Harmless) and Also How to Get Them to Quiet

by Jennifer Porterfield | Last Updated: March 25, 2021
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Are you currently having to deal with terribly loud neighbors next door? Don’t worry, I got your back. I have a loud neighbor who is super noisy and would wake me up in the middle of the night. There are a bunch of students living there and usually they are pretty loud and partying all the time and blasting loud music.

I have been experimenting with some revenge techniques on them and guess what? It worked like a charm. Continue reading and I will explain my favorite 10 best noisy neighbors revenge ideas. Don’t worry these revenge ideas are completely harmless and will only make them realize the issue they are creating for you.

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Types of Neighbors

Firstly you need to understand the type of neighbor next door because not every neighbor is bad or terrible. So understanding the type or the category of them is really important.

There are Three Types of Neighbors:

Type 1 Neighbors (Good Neighbors)

Type 1 Neighbors are those neighbors who are good ones. Maybe like once or twice they raised the noise and didn’t know that it was an issue for you. With these type of neighbors it pretty easy.

All you need to do is just talk to them once personally and let them know that they are causing this problem to you and tell me to stop. 99% of people will understand and stop.These type of people are the best. Don’t try any of these revenge ideas on them.

Type 2 Neighbors (Decent Neighbors)

Type 2 Neighbors are the type of neighbors who are making this noise but it can be stopped. These are the types of neighbors who really can’t help it honestly. Maybe just because they have paper-thin walls or you have paper-thin walls so my suggestion is just ignore it or talk to them personally.

Type 3 Neighbors (Terrible and Horrible Neighbors)

Type 3 Neighbors are the one that nobody wants to have living next door. These are the super annoying neighbors who make a ton of noise all the time no matter the day and night. These are the types of neighbors with whom you need to try out these harmless revenge ideas. If you live in an apartment then you’re upstairs neighbors loud footsteps is annoying these ideas will work for them too.

All the information provided in this article is only meant for Entertainment Purposes Only. We are not responsible for any harm intended. You need to take responsibilities for the actions taken.

Best Noisy Neighbors Revenge Ideas (Harmless) and How to Get Them to Quiet

Best Noisy Neighbors Revenge Ideas

  1. Get Your Chores Done Early Morning
  2. Snakes in the Grass
  3. Build a Dog House
  4. Duel of Tunes
  5. Duel of Tunes 2 (Tech)
  6. Install a Basket Ball Hoop
  7. Get Some Music Lessons
  8. Decorate your Neighbors tree with TP
  9. Paint Awful Designs
  10. Call the Police

1. Get Your Chores Done Early Morning

It’s time to get revenge! This is where you wake up as early as possible before your loud neighbors wake up. If they usually wake up at 5 AM then you need to wake up an hour or two before them. Wake up early and then start doing your chores that are outdoorsy. Do outdoor chores such as mowing the yard, leaf blower, cleaning up the lawn and picking up the rocks, stones, leaves, sticks and more. This is my favorite revenge.

10 Best Noisy Neighbors Revenge Ideas and Also How to Get Them to Quiet_Get Soundproofing

Do activities that involve more sound. Let’s say you are blowing the leaves on your lawn using this Hitachi Handheld Blower before your neighbors wake up then this would be a big annoying sound that will not let them sleep at all.

Buy doing such chores you are also getting the work done which is important and also teaching your neighbors a lesson. Just get creative. Think about the ways you can annoy them so that they would understand and empathize with you on how horrible of a neighbor they are.

Some tools that will help you get your job done and also teach your neighbors a lesson are

2. Snakes in the Grass

This is a fun and also endangering prank. So do it carefully and you are responsible for the consequences. Snakes are terrifying. People react to snakes very differently so you need to be more cautious.

10 Best Noisy Neighbors Revenge Ideas and Also How to Get Them to Quiet_Get Soundproofing

The basic idea of this is you need to buy a realistic-looking plastic snake and put them on your neighbor’s lawn or garden. If you want to make this interesting then place a hidden camera and record your neighbor’s reaction. Maybe with your neighbor’s permission, you can upload it on Youtube and get some views.

If you are looking for a Toy Snake Recommendation then check this DE Realistic Rubber Black Mamba Snake Toy in Amazon.

3. Build a Dog House

This is one of my favorites. If you have a dog then you definitely need to do this.  So the basic idea here is to build a house for your dog. Built it nice and properly alright because its a dog house and we want the dog to be happy, I am just kidding, of course, you will build the dog house well because you love your dog too.

10 Best Noisy Neighbors Revenge Ideas and Also How to Get Them to Quiet_Get Soundproofing

After building the dog house place the house near your annoying neighbor’s house. So that whenever the dog is barking they will feel the wrath and understand the problem that they are causing you. But also don’t let your dog bark for a long time. Feed it properly and also love it more because it is helping you with this issue.

If you are looking for a guide to building a dog house then read this guide on DIY Soundproofed Dog House. But don’t implement all the soundproofing material because then this revenge idea would be ineffective.

4. Duels of Tunes

Have you ever heard of the proverb “Fight Fire with Fire” that is what we are doing here.

If they are annoying you by playing their music system loud or playing a musical instrument loudly then visit them once maybe for a casual conversation and speak to them or ask them what music system they have and get a better one with more Bass and Sound. Blast music whenever they are quiet and make them feel the pain that they are causing you.

5. Duels of Tunes 2 (Tech)

This is a cool and sweet revenge trick. This was posted on Reddit by a user called junkyardmessiah,This musical vengeance is taken to a different level itself.

With this revenge trick, you don’t require any musical instruments or music systems. Here what you are doing is streaming your music through your neighbor’s speakers. How awesome is that?

If you want you can check this Reddit post for more information here.

6. Install a Basket Ball Hoop

10 Best Noisy Neighbors Revenge Ideas and Also How to Get Them to Quiet_Get Soundproofing

This is fun revenge and also fitness based. With this revenge, you are not only annoying your neighbor but also you have fun and at the same time increase your fitness activity level.

For this revenge, you need to Install a Basketball Hoop in your front yard close to your neighbor’s place. Because when are you playing basketball you tend you make more noise with all the ball bouncing and calling out and more. I would suggest you play it in the Evening or Night because that is when your neighbor will be at home and it would be quiet so they will be super annoyed.

If you are looking for a good basketball hoop recommendation then this is the one I am using and it’s awesome. Its a Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop on Amazon.

This is a win-win situation. Your neighbor gets annoyed and also you get to increase your fitness level and live a healthy life.

7. Get Some Music Lessons

This revenge is related to the previous one “Duel of Tunes” but not exactly. If you ever had any interested in getting music lessons then this would be the right time because when you get some music lesson you have to practice it at home and that would disturb your neighbor. If you are neighbors do the same then check this information on how to block sound from neighbors and put up some soundproofing curtains.

Anything from Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Violin anything will work. Just crank up the volume and keep playing.

8. Decorate your Neighbors tree with TP

This sounds really childish or immature but you gotta do what you gotta do. So let’s say during Christmas or New Year decorate your neighbor’s tree with TP (Toilet Paper). Get those really cheap TP in bulk and decorate it.

Maybe if you want to be nice then write down the wishes on the paper and TP the whole place.

9. Paint Awful Designs

This is tough revenge because you have to take a beating with this too but I don’t really recommend this but if you want to then go ahead. You have to be super desperate to do this.

In this revenge idea, you need to paint the side of your house which is facing towards your neighbor’s place with some strange and bizarre colors or designs. Because every day they would have to see that whenever they come out. You need to be really creative with this idea.

10. Call the Police

If none of the revenge ideas worked then you need to call the police and inform them.

This would be best because you might not know the mindset of your neighbor so calling the police would be the best idea and let them take care from there onwards.

If you are very close with your neighbors and they really can’t help it then suggest them to visit our blog and read the articles. We have all the information on sound proofing doorsoundproofing a wall. Share these articles to them and ask them to implement these in their house so that they don’t disturb you or anyone of this matter.

Noisy Neighbors Revenge Ideas – Conclusion

Noisy loud neighbors can be quite the pain. I’ve had to deal with this more times than I’d prefer. I’ve tried every solution to try to fix this issue. Sometimes playing nice just doesn’t work. This means it’s time to get revenge.

Hopefully, these ten ideas will give you some harmless ideas to fix your current situation. If it doesn’t, always go with step number 10 and call the police. Be safe out there and don’t do anything illegal.

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