How to Block Sound from Next Door Neighbors – 10 Best Ways

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Are you annoyed by your next-door neighbors? Are they making more noise but you can’t make them stop? Then there is only one solution to this problem. You need to block the sound to enter your place. This is a tricky solution but it can be done easily if you put a little effort. I had the same issue too, I tried a lot of methods to block sound from a neighbor but a lot of methods didn’t work, but some did. So in this article, I will be sharing those 10 best methods to block sound from next-door neighbors. 

How to Block Sound from Next Door Neighbors

10 Best Ways to Block Sound from Next Door Neighbors

  1. Soundproof the Door
  2. Soundproof the Wall
  3. Soundproof the Windows
  4. Rearrange the Furniture
  5. Install Soundproof Curtains
  6. Soundproof the Floor
  7. Soundproof the Ceiling
  8. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl 
  9. Install an Extra Layer of Drywall
  10. Install Acoustic Foam Panel

How to Block Sound from Next Door Neighbors – 10 Best Ways

1. Soundproof the Door

This is the first biggest solution to block sound from next-door neighbors. You need to sound proof door. Doors are one of the main culprits where the sound enters through to your place. So soundproofing them is really important for effective blocking sound from a neighbor. 

How to Soundproof the Door?

  • Seal the Gaps and Cracks on the door

You might not know this but if your door is a little old then there are small gaps and cracks on the door. These gaps and cracks are very minute more like pore so you cant identify them with your naked eye. To find those small gaps and cracks you can use a torchlight and ask another person to stand on the other side of the door and look if the light is passing through. If the light does pass through then there are small gaps and cracks on the door. 

Once the gaps and cracks are identified, mark them and seal them. You can get this Great Stuff Insulating Foam Sealant on Amazon to seal those small cracks on the door. 

  • Use a Door Gasket

Door Gasket is a great way to soundproof your door. Door Gaskets will fill up all the gaps in the edges and sides of the door so that the sound will not pass through it which will block the noise from neighbors. You can get this Metro Moulded Front Door Seal Gasket from Amazon.

  • Use Weatherstripping Tape on the Door

Yes, you heard it right. You can use weatherstripping tape on the door to soundproof the door. According to weatherstripping tape is very effective on soundproofing the door. Weatherstripping tape has been used on Garage Door for a long time now but using them on the door is a new thing.

Weatherstripping tape is made up of a soundproofing material called Fiberglass which is amazing in absorbing the sound. I use this weatherstripping tape and its amazing.  

Watch this video on How to Install Weatherstripping Tape on Door

2. Soundproof the Wall

This is the biggest. Bigger than soundproofing door. Because walls are the majority of a house. It is important to soundproof walls. You might be wondering why I have listed this in 2nd place because the soundproofing door is easy because the door is a small part of a house whereas the wall is all of it. If you are in an apartment then check this article on how to soundproof an apartment.

How to Soundproof a Wall?

  • Paint the wall using a SoundProofing Paint

This is a straight forward solution. All you need to do is paint your wall using soundproofing paint. If you are looking for a suggestion then get this Acousti Coat Sound Deadening Paint on Amazon

  • Seal the Gaps and Cracks on the Wall

This is very important that you need to follow. This is a mandatory method that you need to follow to completely soundproof the wall. To identify the gaps and cracks, Turn off all the lights and also close all the drapes or curtains. Now see if there are any light passing through the wall, if there is light passing through it means that your wall has Gaps or Cracks. Make sure you do this in the daytime when there is sunlight outside. 

Mark those gaps and cracks and then seal them using a soundproofing sealant. I recommend Green Glue Compound to seal the gaps and cracks on the wall. Green Glue Compound is an amazing soundproofing material so this will work perfectly. 

3. Soundproof the Windows

Windows are also a big part of a house and sound proofing windows is very essential. 

How to Soundproof Windows?

  • Replace the Windows with Double-Pane or Triple-Pane Windows

Double and Triple Pane Window

This tip on replacing the windows with double or triple pane windows will definitely help you soundproof your windows. But the one drawback is that it could cost and could be expensive depending on the material and the quality. If you have enough budget for your soundproofing project then its fone go ahead. 

A double-pane window is said to block out 60% sound and the triple pane is said to block out 85% of sound. These double-pane or triple-pane windows have numerous advantages other than soundproofing. The Double-Pane and Triple-Pane windows will help your room regular during extreme summers or winters, keeping it at normal room temperature all the time. 

About the installation of these double-pane or triple-pane is I recommend you to get a professional to install these because they can be quite delicate and expensive at the same time. Double-Pane windows have two layers of glasses and the triple-pane windows have three layers of glasses. In terms of which is better, there are many resources available online and they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you ask me then I would totally recommend the Triple-Pane Windows to soundproof your windows. 

  • Block or seal all the gaps around the windows

This step is mandatory even if you have followed all the other steps that I have mentioned above. You need to block or seal all the gaps around the window to ultimately soundproof the window.

We recommend using a weatherstripping adhesive tape and Window insulator kit to block and seal all the gaps around the window. This is the most cost-effective option. In terms of installation, it is very easy. Just remove the adhesive tape and stick it on the gaps in the window. With the window insulator kit just follow the manual it is very easy to install. 

  • Soundproof using DIY Soundproof Window Inserts

A DIY (Do It Yourself) soundproof window insert is a frame that is used to fill up or increase the airtight on the window space. There are multiple names for this soundproof window insert. Some of the names are Window Plug or Window Filler. These soundproof inserts are very simple and small. All you need to do is just plug or insert them in the window when needed and then you can remove when it’s not needed. That’s how simple it is. 

How to make a Soundproof Window Inserts

Things You Need to Make DIY Soundproof Window

  1. Get a Wooden board, measure it according to the size of the window and cut it accordingly. Ensure that you have measured and cut it properly without any gaps or cracks. 
  2. Cut the Soundproof Mat to the exact size of the wooden board frame. After cutting it accordingly you need to stick it to the wooden board frame using a Glue or Bond.

    Watch the Video for Full Tutorial on DIY Soundproof Window Inserts

4. Rearrange the Furniture

Yes, you heard it right. The arrangement of the furniture in your home can also affect the total soundproofing of the home. You might be wondering how? So let’s say you place a couch against the wall and when some sound is produced on the other side of the wall then that couch or the furniture will absorb the sound making the wall soundproofing. So rearranging the furniture is key and doesn’t cost you anything. 

For example, take your bookshelf and place it against the wall where most of the noise would come from your neighbor. By placing the bookshelf against the wall you are stopping the sound because the bookshelf will absorb all the sound and bookshelves are pretty huge so you can block a good amount of sound. 

You need to get more creative in this part for maximum effect because it depends on a lot of situation so you need to experiment a lot on this. 

5. Install Soundproof Curtains

How to Block Sound from Next Door Neighbors - 10 Best Ways

If you have followed the above methods such as Soundproofing Walls, doors, and windows then you have done most of the job. But you might be lacking somewhere so if you need to tackle those then you can follow the below methods. The first thing is installing Soundproof Curtains. You might be wondering how can curtains block sound? it is a strange thing but yeah they do stop sound from entering because these curtains are not any regular curtains they are made using soundproofing materials that are meant to block out sound. 

If you need suggestion then you can read my article on soundproof curtains reviews for detailed information. These are the 10 best soundproofing curtains or drapes according to my experience. 

Product ImageProduct Name 
How to Block Sound from Next Door Neighbors - 10 Best WaysNICETOWN SoundProof Curtains (Editor's Choice)
H.-Versailtex-Premier-Blackout-Wider-Curtains-300x300H.VERSAILTEX Premium Blackout Wider Curtains (Editor's Choice)
NICETOWN-Blackout-Curtains-Panels-300x300NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels (Editor's Choice)
H.VERSAILTEX-Classical-Grommet-300x300H.VERSAILTEX Classical Grommet Curtain
Deconovo-Blackout-Drapes-Curtain-300x300Deconovo Blackout Drapes Curtains
Sideli-Solid-Rod-Pocket-Matt-Curtains-300x300Sideli Solid Rod Pocket Matt Curtains
NICETOWN-Three-Pass-Microfiber-Noise-Reducing-Curtains-300x300NICETOWN Three Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Curtains
Warm-Home-Designs-1-Panel-Curtain-300x300Warm Home Designs 1 Panel Curtain
Flamingo-P-Full-Blackout-Curtains-300x300Flamingo P Full Blackout Curtains
Absolute-Zero-Soundproof-Curtains-300x300Absolute Zero Soundproof Curtains

6. Soundproof the Floor

Ask Your Neighbors to Put Carpets on Floor

If your noisy neighbors are living the floor below you then you need to consider soundproofing the floor. There are many ways to soundproof the floor such as placing thick carpets, placing thick rugs and more. But you need to make sure these carpets and rugs are thicker. You need to try these Thick Area Rugs for soundproofing. I have this and it’s really good, trust me. 

7. Soundproof the Ceiling

How to Soundproof a Ceiling without Construction

If your noisy neighbors living on the floor above you then you need to soundproof the ceiling. There are many ways to soundproof the ceiling. Some of the most popular and common methods to soundproof ceiling are adding a drop ceiling. Yes, drop ceiling can reduce the sound from the top floor very much. 

When you install a drop ceiling or fall ceiling you are creating a buffer wall in the middle, so when there is sound created then this buffer wall will absorb most of the sound making the ceiling more soundproofing. 

8. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl

You can use Mass Loaded Vinyl to block sound from neighbors. If you are wondering what is Mass Loaded Vinyl or MLV? then mass loaded vinyl is a great soundproofing material. It comes in a roll as you see in the pic. It is made up of Vinyl and little or tiny particles of metal. 

You can attach it to any place where you want to stop the sound from entering. You use it on walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors and more. So if you are looking for a recommendation then I would suggest this TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl. It’s really good and very effective. 

9. Install an Extra Layer of Drywall

This is a tough option or method because it requires manpower and construction. So this won’t be possible for 99% of the people. If you still want to continue then you can install an extra layer of drywall to block sound from your neighbors. 

10. Install Acoustic Foam Panel

Mybecca Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic Foam Panel is very popular for soundproofing purposes but its mostly used in Studios and Offices. They are perfect for blocking sound but not very necessary for homes. 

I have covered a whole article on Foam Panels on this blog, check it out. 

Here are the 10 Best Acoustic Foam Panels,

Foamily Acoustic Studio Foam WedgesFoamily Acoustic Studio Foam Wedges
Mybecca Acoustic Foam PanelsMybecca Acoustic Foam Panels
Foamily-Acoustic-Egg-Crate-PanelFoamily Acoustic Egg Crate Panel
Auralex Acoustics Absorption Foam PanelAuralex Acoustics Absorption Foam Panel
Mybecca Acoustic Foam Bevel PanelsMybecca Acoustic Foam Bevel Panels
IZO Soundproof Foam PanelIZO Soundproof Foam Panel
Auralex Acoustic Wedgies Foam Auralex Acoustic Wedgies Foam
ATS Wedge Foam Acoustic PanelsATS Wedge Foam Acoustic Panels
A2S Soundproof Foam PanelsA2S Soundproof Foam Panels
Beefoam Soundproof Foam PanelsBeefoam Soundproof Foam Panels


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I hope this article on How to Block Sound from Neighbors was helpful to you if it was then please do share it with your friends and family. If you have any problem then comment down below. Thank You so much. Have a great day. 

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