10 Best Soundproof Blankets – Best Acoustic/Sound Dampening Blankets

Are you looking for best soundproof blankets then you are in the right place. After our article on Best Soundproof or Acoustic Foam Panel got a really good response and feedback from our users. Some of them requested to write an article on Best Soundproofing Blankets also. So we went on and brought around 25+ different sound deadening blankets or acoustic blankets both online and offline. We bought them from various different brands and put them on the test. We tested each of them for more than a month and came up with these 10 best soundproof blankets. Experimented them on various conditions and situation to see which worked the best and which provided the best value for the money. 

best soundproof blankets

10 Best Soundproof Blankets – Best Acoustic/Sound Dampening Blankets

Cheap Cheap Soundproof BlanketCheap Cheap Soundproof Blanket
Sure-Max Soundproofing BlanketSure-Max Soundproofing Blanket
US Cargo Supreme Sound Demping BlanketUS Cargo Supreme Sound Damping Blanket
Audimute Sound Absorption BlanketAudimute Sound Absorption Blanket
Cheap Cheap Supreme Sound Deadening BlanketCheap Cheap Supreme Sound Deadening Blanket
Singer Safety Double Faced Sound Dampening BlanketSinger Safety Double Faced Sound Dampening Blanket
EasyGoProducts Soundproofing BlanketsEasyGoProducts Soundproofing Blankets
US Cargo Mega Sound Deadening BlanketsUS Cargo Mega Sound Deadening Blankets
Econo Soundproofing BlanketsEcono Soundproofing Blankets
Performance Soundproofing BlanketPerformance Soundproofing Blanket

Best Soundproofing/Sound Deadening Blankets Reviewed

#1. Cheap Cheap Soundproof Blanket Review

Cheap Cheap Soundproof Blanket

Cheap Cheap Soundproof Blankets are the best according to all our testing and experimentations. Cheap Cheap is the name of the brand don’t think it as a cheap product. This Cheap Cheap Blankets are actually made for moving stuff with it but it works perfectly for soundproofing also. These soundproofing blankets are very thick and heavy so it doesn’t allow the sound waves to pass through it. Each of these blankets is four pounds so you know how heavy they are and feel.

The weight or the mass of these sound deadening blankets will help in making the room more acoustic and also soundproof. This one is perfect for residential homes, studios, and offices. These cheap cheap acoustic blankets are made up of a material called Polyester with a hint of cotton. Polyester is known to make the sound bounce off it. Polyester is widely used in many soundproofing products such as Car Sound Deadener.

The only cons are that it’s quite difficult to install this due to the heaviness or the mass of the blanket. You need to find a strong and sturdy place to hang it. You might think that this is a moving blanket and not a soundproofing blanket but trust me they do work like a charm.


#2. Sure-Max Soundproofing Blanket Review

Sure-Max Soundproofing Blanket

Sure-Max Soundproofing or Moving Blanket is a very well known brand. It is more of a household name in America. This is one of the cheapest and most valuable soundproofing blanket available in the market today, Period. This 12 pack sure-max blanket is more than enough to cover your whole room or house.

This sound dampening blanket is made up of cotton with both sides or double-sided. The material which is cotton provides really good insulation for soundproofing. One thing that this sure-max blanket is different from others is the design on this. It is pretty good looking with an interesting gradient. 

The only con is this blanket will get worn off in the long term but if you are in a tight budget then get this one with your eyes closed. Because with this price it is a steal.


#3. US Cargo Supreme Sound Damping Blanket Review

US Cargo Supreme Sound Demping Blanket

US Cargo Supreme is a really popular brand in the United States and also in Canada. US Cargo is the industry leader in manufacturing very heavy and high-quality packing and moving blankets. 

As I said before the heavier or the more mass the blankets have the more acoustic or soundproofing they are. The US Cargo Supreme is the most heavier soundproofing blanket that is available in the market right now. If you find heavier blanket than US Cargo Supreme then please do comment below. This US Cargo Supreme Acoustic Blanket weighs eight pounds each and also has multiple layers for more protection and mass. The built-in extra layers will help in absorbing more sound signals making it perfect for soundproofing the room. 

According to the manufacturer, this blanket is stuffed with recycled cotton filler which is a great filter for sound signals and also protects the environment being eco-friendly. So if you buy this blanket then you are contributing to preserving the environment. This blanket is also made up of a blend of Polyester and Cotton which makes it extremely durable. 

If you take a look at the exterior of this blanket, you will notice the design or the gradient being in ZigZag. It is stitched like that for a reason. The ZigZag stitching will make it hard to damage and sound deadening.

The only con with this US Cargo Supreme blanket is the weight or the mass. As mentioned before this weighs around 8 pounds each so the installation would be quite difficult but not impossible. Find a strong place and also a strong holder or glue to hang it on.


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#4. Audimute Sound Absorption Blanket Review

Audimute Sound Absorption Blanket

Audimute Sound Absorption Blanket is the most professional soundproofing or sound dampening blankets that are available in the market right now. If you have a professional recording studio or podcast room or anything professional then this is the one for you. Stop looking for others and get this one immediately.

In the other hand if you are not that professional and looking to soundproof your home or office then this could be quite expensive, but if you have the budget then go ahead and get this sound dampening blanket, Trust me you won’t regret. 

Audimute Sound Absorbing Blanket is super efficient, this blanket is known for reducing almost 70% of the sound just by using this blanket. 70% is the highest. We could find a better blanket that is this efficient with all our experimentation and testing. If you own a professional studio and looking for acoustic then this blanket also provides more acoustic effects. 

This Audimute soundproofing blanket is made up of 100% recycled material so you don’t need to worry about ruining the environment this one is perfectly eco-friendly. It is made of a combination of Polyester, Wool, and Cotton. All natural, no chemicals used.

This blanket has a sound absorbing rate of 0.85 NRC. Perfect and best used for or recording studios, rehearsal spaces, drum rooms, vocal booth and more.


#5. Cheap Cheap Supreme Sound Deadening Blanket Review

Cheap Cheap Supreme Sound Deadening Blanket

Cheap Cheap Supreme is completely different than the other cheap cheap soundproofing blanket that we have mentioned above. In terms of quality is one is not that great. If you are looking for a thin soundproofing blanket then this one is perfect for that requirement.

You must be wondering why I have listed this if it is so poor quality. The durability is very high with this one. So if you are a person who travels a lot then this is the one for you. You can use it on RV or Camper which is more mobile. One thing that makes me wonder is how is this so heavy still being super thin. The heaviness makes it soundproof the room better.

Each package of these cheap cheap supreme blankets comes with 12 blankets. Each of these blankets are of 72×80 size. You can cover every square inch with one package. The main pro of this blanket is the installation. Being super thin has a silver lining. You can easily hang this blanket anywhere you want. 


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#6. Singer Safety Double Faced Sound Dampening Blanket Review

Singer Safety Double Faced Sound Dampening Blanket

Singer Safety Double Faced Soundproof Blanket is a super thick blanket that is available in the market. As the name suggests this one is made for sound dampening purpose. If you are a vocal artist, singer or a dubbing artist then this soundproofing blanket is the one for you. I know I say this a lot but it is true. 

This is a super thick blanket. Almost 2 inches thick. This amount of thickness is more than enough to stop or absorb the sound waves making the sound non-existent.  The look of this blanket is almost like a soundproof foam panel. 

Singer Safety Double Faced Soundproof Blanket is made up of a material called quilted fiberglass which acts as a reflective surface which is a top priority for acoustic sound generation. The material and also the design helps in absorbing the sound and making the room more acoustic. 

The only con with Singer Safety Double Faced Blanket is the price. It is quite on the pricier side but totally worth for someone who needs it for professional reasons. No other cons other than the price. 


#7. EasyGoProducts Soundproofing Blankets Review

EasyGoProducts Soundproofing Blankets

EasyGoProducts is a very popular company that manufactures and sell Packing and Moving Blankets. They are one of the top companies in that category. You must be wondering why we have mentioned all these business statistics, this is because they are the best Packing and Moving Blankets manufacturers which is directly proportional to how quality their products are. 

As I have mentioned before Moving Blanket is the best type of soundproofing or sound deadening blankets. Some of the unique specifications of this EasyGoProducts are when you purchase this soundproof blanket then you will be getting three blankets in a pack. That is the minimum. This blanket is one of those very strong and durable blankets that I have reviewed, so you can definitely expect it to work and stay the same for a long time. 

The material used in this product is really good. It is a blend of recycled polyester and cotton. One thing I liked about this blanket is that it doubled stitched so more padding and sound absorbing. This is the best soundproofing blanket in that price range. So if you are in a strict budget then go ahead with it. 


#8. US Cargo Mega Sound Deadening Blankets Review

US Cargo Mega Sound Deadening Blankets

US Cargo Mega Sound Deadening Blankets are one of the most high-quality blankets in the market. This is the second blanket from the US Cargo in this article. This blanket is made up of a material called or a fabric called Woven Polyester. You get multiple colors to choose from such as Dark Blue and Light Blue.

One of the reasons that this one is listed in the last is the pricing. It is quite expensive for the value it provides. Still, you can money then go ahead and get it. With one pack you get four blankets. 


#9. Econo Soundproofing Blankets Review

Econo Soundproofing Blankets

Econo Soundproofing Blankets are one of my favorite for its minimalism and also simplicity. Econo is a simple blanket which gets the work done. These Econo Soundproofing Blankets are made up of a Fabric or Material called Non-Woven Polyester. If you don’t know these Econo Blankets are also from US Cargo. 

The only con is the price. It’s quite expensive because of the brand and also the quality. 


#10. Performance Soundproofing Blanket Review

Performance Soundproofing Blanket

Performance Soundproofing Blanket is also from US Cargo. This is almost the same as the Econo Blanket and US Cargo Mega. This blanket is made up of a fabric called Woven Polyester and Cotton. 


I hope that this article has helped you in choosing and buying your very first best soundproof blanket. Please do share it with your friends and family who are looking for some good best sound deadening blankets. If you have any problem or doubts then please do comment below or use the contact us form. 

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