10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with Reviews

by Jennifer Porterfield | Last Updated: March 21, 2021
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Are you looking for the best lifter noise additive for your vehicle? Then you’re in the right place. This has been one of the most requested articles by most of our readers after reading our article on How to Quiet a Noisy Lifter. So, as usual, we did our research and came up with these 10 Best Oil Additives for noisy lifters. Keep in mind that oil additives are NOT a replacement for oil.

I don’t randomly recommend the products, I do extensive research and experiments based on multiple scenarios to come up with the best additives for noisy lifters. If you’re unsure which additives for noisy lifters is best, then read on!


10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with Reviews_Get Soundproofing


The Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter is Marvel Mystery Oil MM12R and Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive.

Top 10 Best Additives for Noisy Lifters


10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewsMarvel Mystery Oil MM12R
10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewsLiqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive
10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewsBestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment
10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewsBar's Leaks Engine Treatment
10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewsTriboTEX Nano Oil Additive
10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewsRed Line 81403 Engine Break-In Oil
10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewsBestLine 853796001429 Premium Synthetic Diesel Engine Treatment
10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewszMax 51-212 Engine Formula
10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewsArchoil AR9100 Oil Additive
10 Best Oil Additives to Quiet Noisy Lifter with ReviewsLucas Oil LUC10063


Best Oil Additives for Noisy Lifters with Reviews


1. Marvel Mystery Oil MM12R

Oil Additive, 1Gal, Red, Transparent
  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.

Marvel Mystery Oil is a very popular engine oil and a household name in the United States. According to my experiment and research, I found Marvel Mystery oil to be the best to fix a noisy lifter. Liquid Moly 20004 came close but Marvel Mystery Oil was unbeaten.

Marvel Mystery Oil was the thickest oil that I found which makes it an awesome engine oil. This Marvel Mystery Oil treatment contains tricresyl phosphate, phosphorus compound so these two compounds make sure that your engine will be shining clean on the inside. After using Marvel Mystery Oil your engine’s health and performance would be improved immensely. Also, you can use this oil with conventional and synthetic more like 2 or 4 cycle oil.

So if you have 5 quart capacity with 4 parts of oil and 1 part of additive. For 2 and 4 cycle oil, you need to pour 0.5 to 1 ounce per gallon.

Marvel Mystery Oil MM12R is available in 1 Gallon, 1 Gallon (4 Pack), 16 oz (2 Pack), 16 Ounces (Pack of 6), 32 oz and 32 oz (6 Pack)



2. Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive

Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive
  • Improves the lubrication properties of the oil
  • Cleans valve bores
  • Suitable for use in vehicles with turbochargers and vehicles with catalytic converters
  • Prevents engine noises caused by hydraulic tappets
  • Flash point: 60.0 degrees_celsius

Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive is one the best. It prevents loud engine noise that’s commonly caused by hydraulic tappets. Its the most popular brand for additives. One of the specialties of Liqui Moly Lifter Additive is that you can just use a little for it to work and also it increases the lubricating properties of the oil which is another added benefit. Also, this additive cleans the oil passages on the engine as well.

Liqui Moly 20004 is a hydraulic lifter additive so its great for valve bores, it makes sure that it cleans everything inside and keeps it in great shape.

This oil additive works well with a diesel engine and also perfect for vehicles with turbochargers and cars with catalytic converters. My suggestion is you just use 300ml for up to 6 liters of engine oil. Trust me this oil fixed the noisy lifter issue I had for months.



3. BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment

BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment with Nano...
  • LONG LASTING ENGINE: BestLine uses its revolutionary formula to provide your vehicle with maximum engine life protection, proven to increase the life of your engine by 80%!
  • VISIBLE BENEFITS: This engine treatment reduces the likelihood of low-speed, pre-ignition, reduces friction for improved fuel mileage, and offers protection against engine wear.
  • 100% PURE SYNTHETIC: BestLine lubricant has been formulated with a full-synthetic base oil, designed specifically for longer drain intervals.
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE: This product can be used on a variety of new or old automobiles. BestLine is compatible with all types of motor oil and can be used in gas or diesel engines.
  • TRUST BESTLINE: Our product is unique in that it is the only engine treatment with Diamond Nano-Lube for extreme boundary layer protection. If you are not satisfied with BestLine, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment oil is really high quality. BestLine uses a proprietary formula on this oil which will drastically increase the engine’s health. They mentioned that it can increase the health of the engine up to 80% which is awesome, to be honest.

Other than fixing the noisy lift noise there are many benefits with BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment oil such as it reduces friction, the likelihood of low speed, improved and more fuel mileage. There are many more features. These are the ones that I noticed after using the oil.

BestLine Premium Synthetic is Universally Compatible which means you can use this oil on any vehicle such as Petrol Engine or Diesel Engine.



4. Bar’s Leaks Engine Treatment

Rislone 4102 Concentrated Engine Treatment, Conditioner and...
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Quiets noisy lifters and valves
  • Removes and prevents sludge
  • Add to engine oil anytime
  • Will not void manufacturer's new vehicle

Bar’s Leaks Engine Treatment Oil is of super high quality. Its a concentrated version of oil. The minute you pour the oil its starts to work. It will quiet the lifter noise, removes sludge, gum, deposits of varnish which clog the oil passages. It is recommended to clear those clogs if not it will cause a lot of internal problems in the long term.

One bottle of Bar’s Leaks Engine treatment concentrate can work with up to 4 to 6 quarts of oil. This oil works with both Petrol and Diesel Engine.



5. TriboTEX Nano Oil Additive

TriboTEX Nano Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment: Add to...
  • GROUNDBREAKING: Made in the USA – TriboTEX is a revolutionary engine oil additive. It contains synthetic nanoparticles developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, & the National Science Foundation.
  • QUIETER & SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE: Reverses wear in bearings by building a diamond-like carbon coating.
  • UNIVERSAL: Compatible with all types of motor oil and can be used in gas or diesel engines. Use for both old and new cars. It is an excellent engine booster.
  • EFFICIENT: Our masterfully engineered engine treatment improves fuel consumption and reduces engine noise. It is time to improve your engine and take your driving experience to a new level.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: We know you will be delighted with this ground-breaking technology. Our treatment comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

TriboTEX Nano-Oil Additive is amazing. It’s revolutionary as they mention. This oil additive uses Smart Nanotechnology which uses nano flaskes which will induce the oil into the engine. TriboTex Nano Oil can fix the lifter noise in your car.

You can use this TriboTEX Nano-Oil Additive on Cars, Motorcycle, Truck, or even on Lawn Mover. It literally quiets the lifter noise.

To install TriboTEX Nano Oil, all you need to do is Add TriboTEX Nano Oil Additive to your engine oil. It doesn’t matter if you need to add to warm engine or cold engine, you add it to any state. The only suggestion from them is that allow the oil in the engine for at least 500 miles to reap the benefits. This oil additive can last up to 40,000 miles which are more than enough for most people.



6. Red Line 81403 Engine Break-In Oil

Red Line 81403 Engine Break-In Oil, 16 Ounce, 1 Pack
  • These Products On Exceptionally High Order Fulfillment Rates, Breadth Of Available Products
  • These Are Complete Line Of Heavy-Duty Shop Products
  • Through Creativity, Productivity And Innovation - This Brand Continues To Develop The Finest Automotive Accessories
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Red Line 81403 Engine Break-In Oil is a great choice to fix a noisy lifter. There isn’t much to say about this oil additive the only this is it’s good and you must give it a shot.



7. BestLine 853796001429 Premium Synthetic Diesel Engine Treatment

BestLine 853796001429 Premium Synthetic Diesel Engine...
  • Diesel engine treatment cleans and treats internal components
  • Reduces friction, temperature and wear
  • Improves fuel economy and performance
  • Reduces pollution and fuel consumption
  • Add one bottle (16 ounces) or 10-15 percent by volume to engine oil with each oil change

BestLine 853796001429 Premium Synthetic Diesel Engine Treatment is a Diesel Engine only oil so don’t pour this oil in the petrol engine, it will ruin the engine.

This BestLine Premium Synthetic Diesel Engine Treatment fixes the lifter noise in the car. It also reduces friction, wears, and tear internally and also reduces high temperature internally. What I was surprised is how well it improved my fuel-efficient and also performance.



8. zMax 51-212 Engine Formula

zMAX 51-212 - Engine Formula - Easy to Use - Engine...
  • EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR ENGINE: zMAX Micro-lubricant Engine Formula is simple and easy to use. Formula soaks into metal surfaces, which improves lubricity and reduces deposit build-up while boosting performance and protecting vital parts in your vehicle.
  • ENGINE EFFICIENCY: Perfect to use in new and used gasoline or diesel engines with each oil change. Easily pour zMAX into the engine oil to gain efficient combustion resulting in more power.
  • IMPROVES FUEL MILEAGE: Make zMAX a part of your car or truck’s routine maintenance! Add the cost-saving and eco-friendly engine treatment to your vehicle every 6k miles to reduce engine wear, lower emissions and keep your engine running smoothly.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS & DEALERSHIPS: Stock zMAX in your garage to regularly treat your car like a professional. From local repair shop mechanics to major car dealerships, our formula is road tested and mechanic trusted.
  • REPUTABLE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE: zMAX is proud to be the Official Micro-lubricant of Speedway Motorsports. Proven and trusted for over 80 years, zMAX helps save money at the pump and extends your engine’s life. Made in the USA!

zMax 51-212 Engine Formula is a decent oil additive to fix the lifter noise. This zMax 51-212 has a unique feature that it will soak into the metal which will reduce engine deposits. What this does is it increases fuel mileage or efficiency and improves performance. This will also extend the engine’s life or health. My favorite feature is that this oil reduced emissions in my old car which was all I wanted.



9. Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive (16oz) for All Vehicles -...
  • 16oz AR9100 Friction Modifier - treats one Power Stroke
  • Fixes 6.0L and 7.3L Power Stroke cold start injector problems
  • Reduces wear and extends component life
  • Reduces engine noise, vibration and heat
  • For all diesel and gasoline engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, differentials and power steering systems

Archoli AR9100 Oil Additive is compatible with Diesel and Gasoline Engine. Archoli AR9100 is a sold oil additive that will fix noisy lifter noise.

Just as other oil additives this one also reduces friction, wear and tear, extreme pressure and noise. They also mention that this reduces engine noise and vibration which is quite unique in this list. The one feature that is very unique is that this oil helps your engine during cold weather starts. It also cleans and prevents sludge and varnish deposits on the engine.



10. Lucas Oil LUC10063

Lucas Oil 10063 Engine Break in Oil Additive - TB Zinc Plus,...
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Not designed for passenger car use
  • Exclusive blend of extreme pressure additives
  • Excellent for flat tappet camshafts or as an additive

Lucas Engine Oil LUC10063 is the last oil additive on this list. This oil is very decent and average, to be honest. There are some features that might fix it. But I don’t see any reason for you get this oil. The other oil additives that I have mentioned are so much better than this one so get those and test them out. These oil additives do everything such as fixing noisy lifter, reduces friction, wear and tear, prevent sludge deposits and more.



Conclusion: The Best Lifter Noise Additive

I hope the previous stated oil additives for noisy lifters will help your engine run more silent. In addition, it should  keep costs down from normal wear and tear on your engine components. Keep in mind that oil additives are not a replacement for engine oil.

Be sure to check out the following articles if you need a full in-depth guide on sound deadening material for your vehicle or how to reduce road noise.