Best Car/Automotive Sound Deadening Materials (Top 10 Materials)

Before starting this article let me tell you about me. I am an introvert person who spends a lot of time inside my room and in my car. You won’t believe how long I stay and drive my car. I am a Car or Automotive Enthusiast also. With the combination of both being introvert and car enthusiast, I basically live in my car. I know I am not alone because I have friends who spend a shit ton of time in their car. For any people to stay in their car for a long time they need to be comfortable with it. If you are not comfortable then I don’t see even a homeless person to stay on your car for a long because comfort is everything.

One such thing that makes a car ride irritatable and uncomfortable is sound or noise. Be it from the engine or from outside the window they are irritatable and annoying. So I did my research with my with 10 different Car or Automotive Sound Deadening Material to make my car 100% Soundproof or Sound Deadening. So in this article, I will be explaining you or giving you the information on the 10 best Car or Automotive Sound Deadening Materials that are currently available in the market as I write the article. 

Best Car Automotive Sound Deadening Materials

10 Best Car/Automotive Sound Deadening Materials 

Dynamat Sound DeadenerDynamat Sound Deadener
Noico Sound Deadening MatNoico Sound Deadening Mat
Kilmat Automotive Sound Deadening MatKilmat Automotive Sound Deadening Mat
HushMat Ultra Black Foil Sound Deadening PadHushMat Ultra Black Foil Sound Deadening Pad
FatMat Car Sound DeadenerFatMat Car Sound Deadener
Soundqubed Q-Mat Sound Deadening MatSoundqubed Q-Mat Sound Deadening Mat
Thero-tec Heat and Sound SuppressorThero-tec Heat and Sound Suppressor
B-Quiet Viscoelastic Sound DeadenerB-Quiet Viscoelastic Sound Deadener
Uxcell Car Sound Deadener MatUxcell Car Sound Deadener Mat
Gtmat Automotive Sound Deadener MatGtmat Automotive Sound Deadener Mat

Top 10 Best Car/Automotive Sound Deadening Materials Reviews

#1. Dynamat Sound Deadener (Editor’s Choice)

Dynamat Sound Deadener

As the Slogan of this Car Sound Deadener is “Install Dynamat FIRST and Leave the Noise Behind”. There is a reason that I have ranked this automotive car deadener in the first place. It’s perfect for most people and the price is really affordable for the value it provides. Dynamat is a household name in the United States and most of the tier 1 countries. Its a really popular brand with quality products.

Dynamat’s products are usually priced a little bit high, but the quality and the value that they provide is really high. Now let’s talk about this car or sound deadener. This Dynamat 10455 Sound Deadener is the best product in their current lineup. One unique specification of this product is that it is lighter than any of the sound deadener available in the market. It is said to be four times lighter than their previous model. 

Features of Dynamat Sound Deadener

  • Nine 18″ x 32″ sheets high tack permanent adhesive
  • Aluminum-coated for heat-resistance
  • Increased flexibility
  • This Dynamat Sound Deadener is four times lighter than the previous model and more effective.
  •  This sound deadener does require any heat to apply.
  • Can be used in most of the places of the car. 

Dynamat also has two other products on their line up with works with automotive sound deadening. The two other products are Dynaliner and Dynapad

  • DynalinerDynaliner is used to improve your cars or automotive’s heat resistance and also sound deaden the car. 
  • DynapadDynapad is more like a thicker version of Dynaliner with same purpose and application. Dynapad is 0.45 inch and also Dynapad is waterproof. 


#2. Noico Sound Deadening Mat (Editor’s Choice and Budget Choice)

Noico Sound Deadening Mat

Noico Automotive Sound Deadening Mat is literally the best one available in the market for an affordable price. If you are in a budget and can’t afford dynamat then Noico is the best. If Noico Car Sound Deadening Mat fit your budget then don’t think, just buy because you won’t find the best one in that price range. 

Currently, Noico is getting very popular because of its price range and quality. One thinks that makes Noico different from Dynamat is product material. Dynamat is made up of 100% butyl material whereas Noico is made up of 80% butyl material and mixed with other types of sound deadening material. 

If you are wondering about the tin foil color appearance, then Noico also has a black color version automotive sound deadener. Noico is 1.5 times thicker than most of the available sound deadener and also 1.5 times efficient than other products available on the market. 

How to Install Noico Automotive Sound Deadener Mat on your Car?

  1. Firstly, you need to decide where you want to install Noico Car Sound Deadener Mat. There different types of places to install these types of mats in your car are floor, roof, doors, trunk or firewall. There are different effects on different places so you need to experiment with that. 
  2. After deciding on the place, then you need to clean up that place. Remove all the manufacturer’s sealant and other junk. Make sure you clean that surface properly because you don’t want to waste the sound deadener mat. 
  3. After cleaning the surface, measure the surface where you want to install noico sound deadener mat. After measuring you need to cut the sound deadener mat according to the measurement. 
  4. Now place the sound deadening mat on the surface. Make sure you don’t remove the protective film. Make sure its place correctly on the surface. Now slowing remove the protective film cover. Don’t pull it all at once. Remove it slowly and stick the mat on the surface. 
  5. Use a roller or just use your hand to make sure that it’s struck or installed properly. Let it dry for a while and you are good to go. 

Features of Noico Car Sound Deadener Mat

  • Made from 80%  Butyl based material and Asphalt Undercoating. 
  • Most Affordable Automotive Sound Deadener Mat in the Market.
  • 1.5% times more quality and 25% more quality. 
  • Automotive self-adhesive insulation consists of butyl.

Noico also has another variant of the sound deadener mat which is very similar to Dynamat’s Dynaliner, its called Noico Green liner. Noico Green Liner is a 170 mil sheets in 18 square foot packs. Noico Green Liner not only provides Sound Deadener but also Heat Insulation. Its two for the price of one.  


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#3. Kilmat Automotive Sound Deadening Mat


I am sure a lot of people wouldn’t have heard the name Kilmat. They are up and coming company. Trust me they do manufacture some of the best Automotive or Car Sound Deadening Materials. One thing that I love with kilmat is that their product quality and pricing, It is priced perfectly for the amount of value. 

Kilmat sound deadening mat consists of butyl which is excellent in handling engine sound, heating issues, external sound, and vibrations. Some of the unique features of Kilmat sound deadening materials are 80 mil thick and weighs 0.5 lbs per square feet, Combination of Butyl and foil soil, lightweight and more. This mat is super lightweight so you won’t have much difficulty to install and see much difference. 

Kilmat sound deadening material has a self-adhesive insulation consists of butyl. 

Features of Kilmat Sound Deadening Materials

  • Super Lightweight, weighs only 0.34 lbs/sqft.
  • Manufactured with best soundproofing material.
  • Most affordable price with excellent value.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Can be installed on Doors, Hood, Roof, Trunk and Trunk Lid, Wheels wells and Interior floor.

How to Install Kilmat Sound Deadening Mat?

  1. Firstly decide where you want to install kilmat sound deadening mat on your car. I have mentioned all the places where you can install the sound deadening mat. 
  2. After deciding the place where you want to install, you need to clean up the place well. Make sure you remove all the remains and clean the location properly. If it’s not cleaned installed properly then it will lose its efficiency.
  3. After cleaning the place out. You need to measure the location properly. 
  4. After the measurement, cut the kilmat sound deadening mat accordingly. 
  5. Place the kilmat sound deadening mat, remove the adhesive slowly and install it.


#4. HushMat Ultra Black Foil Sound Deadening Pad

HushMat Ultra Black Foil Sound Deadening Pad

I would say HushMat is an alternative to Dynamat. Hustmat is so much cheaper than dynamat and also very easy to install. Also, HushMat is made up using the butyl compound. Some of the unique features of Hushmat car sound deadener are The butyl material help you reduce not only one but two different issues. Butyl is known for Soundproof or Sound Deadening and Heat Insulation. Just by installing this mat you will save yourself from your engine’s sound getting into the car and also your car engine’s heat into the car. 

This Hushmat car sound deadener comes with two different colors which are Black and Silver. I would recommend you to get the black one because it looks amazing and stylish.  

Features of Hushmat Sound Deadener Pad

  • Butyl material helps your car with both Sound Deadening and Heat Insulation or Elimination. 
  • This sound deadening pad is perfectly engineered to fix in any of the cars.
  • Hushmat is manufactured to easily wrap around tight or difficult areas. 
  • This hushmat sound deadening pad is known to withstand temperature from minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit – Reduces heat up to 40 percent.


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#5. FatMat Car Sound Deadener

FatMat Car Sound Deadener

FatMat is a people’s favorite automotive sound deadener that is available in the market. It is people available because of the value it provides in terms of quality, price, and others. The pricing of this FatMat Sound Deadening mat is perfect, it’s not cheap and it’s not expensive also. 

This is an Asphalt based sound deadening material. Unlike Butyl material, Asphalt material has some added advantages that are why people still prefer this type of material for their cars. This mat comes with different sizes such as 25sqft, 50sqft, 75sqft, 100sqft, 125sqft and more. I will suggest you get 50sqft or 75sqft first for testing purpose then you can go with a bigger one after. 

Features of FatMat Sound Deadening Mat

  • 80mil with self-adhesive Automotive Sound Deadener. 
  • Made with Asphalt based material.
  • Comes with an Installation kit with Easy Instruction, Knife, Roller, and FatMat Sound Control Decal.
  • Best Pricing in place. 
  • Can be used in multiple places, for example, Cars, RVs, Home, Office and much more for sound deadening.


#6. Soundqubed Q-Mat Sound Deadening Mat

Soundqubed Q-Mat Sound Deadening Mat

Soundqubed Q-Mat Automotive Sound Deadening Mat is one of my personal favorites for many reasons. Soundqubed Q-Mat is an 86.6 mils butyl based material. This is a black foiled with green brand name stamp on it. Unlike the designed even some of the features of it are unique. As I have already mentioned this is a pretty standard sound deadening mat with Butyl based material. As I have already mentioned butyl has two different applications. It helps you will sound deadening and also heat insulation. 

Features of Soundqubed Q-Mat Sound Deadening Mat

  • It is an 86.6 mil thick butyl based material or component.
  • Can be installed on multiple places on the car. 
  • Good Standard Automotive Sound Deadening Mat.
  • Can be installed in multiple layers for more efficiency.


#7. Thero-tec Heat and Sound Suppressor

Thero-tec Heat and Sound Suppressor

Thero-tec heat and sound suppressor is ranked no 7 on this list for many different reasons. As the name suggests this not only sound deadens but also works primarily on heat insulation. This is like two paid for one. This is a perfect thing for the price range. But this material doesn’t do the job so well. As it is manufactured for two application the effect for both application is quite weak. Sometimes it does a good job in sound deadening and terribly on heat insulation and vice versa.

Features of Thero-Tec Heat and Sound Suppressor

  • Manufactured from a silver polyethylene foil for more heat insulation.
  • The sound suppressor or sound deadening is of 70 mils in thickness so the sound deadening job gets done.
  • Perfectly suited for areas like doors, floorboards or firewalls.
  • Contains high-temperature adhesive to install the material.


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#8. B-Quiet Viscoelastic Sound Deadener

B-Quiet Viscoelastic Sound Deadener

As the name in the title suggests this one is not just a sound deadener but also very flexible in nature. B-Quiet Viscoelastic Sound Deadener is made up of butyl component so it does sound deadening and also heat insulations.

The 60 mil material of B-Quiet Viscoelastic Sound Deadener comes in 12 or  50 square foot rolls. One thing that surprised me is the effectiveness of the heat insulation that this material provides. It is also able to absorb the heat and also the vibration that comes with it.

Features of B-Quiet Viscoelastic Sound Deadener

  • As the name suggests “Viscoelastic” this material is very flexible in nature.
  • This material is very effective in heat insulation. It converts the vibrations into thermal energy very effectively.
  • Sound deadening is not so effective with this material.
  • Made up 100% butyl based compound.


#9. Uxcell Car Sound Deadener Mat

Uxcell Car Sound Deadener Mat

Uxcell Car Sound Deadener Mat is a different automotive sound deadening material for a lot of other reasons. Uxcell Sound Deadening Mat is 394 mils thick, which is highest than any of the mats that we have mentioned above. As it so highly thicked it does the job of sound deadening really well. The only con is the size of this mat which would be difficult to install.

The material does both the job of heat insulation and also sound deadening for your car. This mat can be installed on any of the places on the vehicle such as the hood, sealing, door, cockpit, floor, and other locations.

Features of Uxcell Car Sound Deadener Mat

  • Works on both heat insulation and sound deadening.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Really thick in nature so effectiveness is very hight.
  • Waterproof, Moistureproof and Odourless.
  • Good Adhesive at back so installation is pretty easy.


#10. Gtmat Automotive Sound Deadener Mat

Gtmat Automotive Sound Deadener Mat

Gtmat Automotive Sound Deadener Mat comes in two rolls. They are 25 square feet in length and 16 inches in width. Honestly speaking it is a pretty good sound deadening but not so effective as all the others mentioned above. It comes with an installation kit which is good because the installation can be really easy and kit can be very handy. This mat can be installed anywhere and it is pressure sensitive so make sure to experiment with it. 

Features of Gtmat Automotive Sound Deadener Mat

  • Comes with an installation kit.
  • Made up of Butyl based compound.
  • Powerful Adhesive is in place.
  • Very durable sound deadening mat.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it worth sound deadening a car?

Yes, its totally worth sound deadening a car. There are numerous benefits or advantages of sound deadening a car. It’s not even that difficult to sound deadening a car. Its very simple. 

What is the best automotive insulation?

The best automotive insulation is Dynamat and Noico sound deadening mat. 


This huge information bomb article is finally completed. If you have any doubts or problem then please don’t hesitate to comment below. If you think that this article was really helpful then please do share it with your family and friends. Thank You for spending your time on reading this.

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