Best Fans For Sleeping

by Jennifer Porterfield | Last Updated: June 8, 2023
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Sleeping in warm weather can be frustrating. Your body will likely feel incredibly hot and sweaty underneath your duvet. Trying to cool yourself down in this heat is difficult and can often result in further loss of sleep. 

Best Fans For Sleeping

Fortunately, your prayers can be answered in the form of a fan. Fans can keep you cool and they make getting a good night’s sleep much easier.

However, some fans can be quite noisy, adding another complication that can prevent you from receiving peaceful sleep. 

To stop this from happening, we recommend finding a quiet yet effective fan. To help you do this, we have found five of the best fans for sleeping.

Amazon Basics 3 Speed Small Room Air Circulator Fan

PELONIS 16' Oscillating Pedestal Stand Up Fan | Adjustable...

First of all, is this air fan. This product has been designed to adapt to the customer’s needs, with 3 different speed settings and its 90 degrees tilt. As a consequence, you can put it on a low-speed setting during the night.

This will mean you will get the benefits of cool air without the hassle of a noisy fan. Depending on your room and your preference, you can put this device either on most flat surfaces, including your floor or a desk. 


  • 3 speeds – using the control panel, you can choose from 3 different speed settings, namely low, medium, and high. As a result, you can find the speed that suits you best. 
  • 90 degrees – you can change the direction of this fan’s airflow by using its 90 degrees tilt mechanism. This means you can position it at the optimal angle. 
  • Energy efficiency – some people will be put off buying a fan due to the amount of energy it uses. Thankfully, this fan manages to provide a strong airflow power while also being energy efficient. 


  • Made for small rooms – this fan has been created with small rooms in mind. If you intend to use a fan in a large bedroom, this might not be the greatest product for you. It may not be capable of cooling down or enhancing the air circulation of a big room.
PELONIS 16" Oscillating Pedestal Stand Up Fan | Adjustable...
  • ULTRA QUIET & ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Equipped with DC silent motor, the Pelonis pedestal fan is...
  • POWERFUL WIND & WIDE OSCILLATION ANGLE: 12 speed settings and 12-hour timer design allow you to...
  • EASY TO USE: Featuring blue LED display, remote control and auto power off functions, the floor fan...
  • SAFETY FIRST: The big and heavy-duty base could provide additional stability for the fan during its...

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Lasko Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

Lasko Portable Electric 42' Oscillating Tower Fan with Fresh...

Up next is this fan from Lasko. This device will offer you widespread airflow at a quiet noise level, making it ideal for cooling during warm nights. Like the above product, it has three different speed settings.

However, what makes this fan unique is its tower design, which provides lots of coverage and saves you space. It is also portable, meaning that this portable device is not just limited to being used in your bedroom. 


  • Incredibly quiet – even on the highest speed setting, it will still be quiet. In fact, you will even still be able to heat your television over this fan. 
  • Space-saving – if you have a small space, this fan will still be suitable for you. Created to save you space, Lasko’s fan has a vertical design that will not take up a lot of floor room. It will fit in most bedrooms, offices, or other spaces.
  • Remote-controlled – accompanied by an easy-to-use remote control, you can straightforwardly choose different modes. 
  • Full room coverage – thanks to its tower design, this fan offers widespread oscillation and coverage. Therefore, it will be able to keep your entire room cool. 
  • Safety feature – you can rest assured that this product is completely safe. It comes with a blue plug safety feature that will cut off its electrical current if it senses an electrical fault that could be dangerous.  


  • Cost – though this is an excellent fan, it is noticeably more expensive than other products on this list. Consequently, it may only be suited for those who have a larger budget to spend on fans for sleeping. 
Lasko Portable Electric 42' Oscillating Tower Fan with Fresh...
30,608 Reviews
Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan with Fresh...
  • BEAT THE HEAT –If you live in the heat with no central air, or your window AC units do a poor job...
  • VERY QUIET – Powered by 3 speed settings H/M/L, fan creates a powerful breeze, but even on H, you...
  • FRESHER AIR IONIZER – The built-in Ionizer disperses millions of negative ions into the air that...
  • A REAL SPACE SAVER – Standing 42. 5” tall with a small 13” x 13” footprint, the sleek,...

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Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Fan

Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Black – Personal Fan with Pink...

Honeywell’s fan is our third choice. Unlike the other fans featured in this guide, this device is also a sound machine that generates pink noise. This pink noise can be used to block out sounds, making it ideal for warm nights.

It can also provide light, which is a fairly unique feature for a fan. Yet, it also meets the basic function of a fan by giving you cool air over a wide area. If you are searching for a product that is more than a fan, this might be the one for you. 


  • Pink noise – this fan can generate pink noise, which has a mixture of high and low frequencies. These frequencies can be used to block out other noises and they encourage a therapeutic night of sleep. This pink noise is in many ways better than the standard white noise. 
  • Dimmable lights – with four different light settings, this fan also acts as a torch. However, if you want to sleep in darkness, you can also turn this light off. This versatile feature puts you in control of your lighting. 
  • 3 fan speeds – like other fans on this list, the Honeywell Dreamweaver has different speeds that give the customer lots of choices. This setting can be simply controlled from a touch-sensitive area on top of the fan. 
  • Timer function – if you want your fan to turn off at a certain time, you can use this built-in timer to control this. 
  • USB charging port – easily charge your devices with this USB port. 


  • It may be quite loud – without the pink noise setting on, some customers have found the fan to be relatively noisy. As a result, if you do not plan to use the pink noise function but still want a fan for sleeping, this may be a disadvantage. 
Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Black – Personal Fan with Pink...
  • FANS FOR BEDROOM AND SLEEP –The DreamWeaver Sleep Fan is more than a sound machine. Use the...
  • CONTROL AIRFLOW – With this oscillating fan, you’ll always be comfortable and can direct airflow...
  • SOOTHING PINK NOISE – Similar to a white noise fan, the pink noise in this portable fan is a mix...
  • DIMMABLE LIGHTS – This cooling fan is sleep friendly, and features 4 light dimming settings that...

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Vornado FIT Personal Air Circulator Fan

Vornado FIT Personal Air Circulator Fan with Fold-Up Design,...

The Vornado fan has been included in this list because it not only gives you great airflow, but it has an individual design that sets it apart from other products.

This fan comes in different colors, adding some much-needed brightness to your room. As well as this, this fan is compact and portable, with its fold-up function. 


  • Fold-up design – one of the most distinctive elements of this fan is the fact that it can be folded up. Because of this, it is easily portable. This makes it ideal for taking on holidays with you. 
  • Stylish appearance – Crafted with style in mind, the Vornado fan looks great. In fact, this fan comes in three colors, namely black, aqua, and pink. This gives you options to choose from, making it a flexible product. If you are concerned about your fan clashing with your decor, this will not be a worry with this device. 
  • Compact – if you have limited space, this will be an excellent fan for you. Vornado has created this fan to be compact, with a small footprint. You can easily fit it anywhere in your bedroom and take it with you wherever you desire. 


  • Only 2-speed settings – though other fans on this guide have 3-speed settings, this one only has 2 speeds. Consequently, you are not given as many options as other devices. 
Vornado FIT Personal Air Circulator Fan with Fold-Up Design,...
  • FOLD-UP DESIGN — Compact, folding design makes it portable and perfect for travel, desktop, or...
  • SIMPLE CONTROLS — 2 speed settings with directable airflow to tailor your air comfort.
  • OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE — Utilizes Vornado signature Vortex action for optimal personal air...
  • STYLISH DESIGN — Fun, stylish translucent blade and base will add flair and comfort to your space.

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PELONIS 16' Oscillating Pedestal Stand Up Fan | Adjustable...

Last but not least, the PELONIS fan is yet another marvelous product. With 12 different speed settings, it is perhaps the most advanced fan on this guide and one of the best on the market.

It perfectly balances power and quietness, making it a perfect recommendation for this list. It is not only made to be quiet but also powerful and energy efficient.

If you are looking for a fan with additional features, this might be the best device for you. 


  • Really quiet – even though this device is powered by 5 powerful blades, it is still quiet. Due to this, the PELONIS fan will be ideal for those who want to keep cool as they sleep. It will also be of use to light sleepers. 
  • LED display – using a remote control, you can manage this fan from a long range, including from your bed. This LED display has been crafted to make your customization much simpler. 
  • Wide oscillation angle – this fan is able to cover plenty of space. Its wide oscillation is at 85 degrees. Its head can be tilted at 24-degree angles. 
  • Powerful DC motor – powerful but silent this DC motor is ideal for use whilst you are sleeping. This DC motor is energy efficient, saving you up to 35% of your energy bills than an AC fan. 
  • 12-speed settings – with a massive 12 different speed settings, this fan has considerably more options than its rivals. 


  • Price – this fan is outside the normal price range. Though this cost means that your fan has plenty of useful features, it may not benefit those who are shopping with a smaller budget in mind. 
PELONIS 16" Oscillating Pedestal Stand Up Fan | Adjustable...
  • ULTRA QUIET & ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Equipped with DC silent motor, the Pelonis pedestal fan is...
  • POWERFUL WIND & WIDE OSCILLATION ANGLE: 12 speed settings and 12-hour timer design allow you to...
  • EASY TO USE: Featuring blue LED display, remote control and auto power off functions, the floor fan...
  • SAFETY FIRST: The big and heavy-duty base could provide additional stability for the fan during its...

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Buyer’s Guide

Since you have finished reading through our list of the best fans for sleeping, you will be in a position where you can start shopping. Conversely, shopping for fans can be more convoluted than it appears at first. 

There are many different types of fans on the market, each from different brands and with different abilities. Because of this, it is worth considering the factors that will affect the quality of your fan and whether it is right for you.

Please think about these qualities before you begin shopping to ensure that you manage to purchase a fan that is ideal for you.  


High-quality fans are not always cheap. Most models cost between $15 and $55, though some really good quality fans will be more expensive than that. Price is something to think about before you begin looking.

Have an idea of the amount you are willing to spend. This will prevent you from going over your budget. Only commit to a higher-priced fan if you are certain that you will use it a lot. 


Arguably, one of the most important factors you will need to consider when locating a fan for sleeping is the amount of noise one will make.

Fans can make a lot of noise when they rotate, meaning they may keep you up when you attempt to fall asleep. All of the products on this list should be fairly quiet, though this will vary between fans.

If you are a sensitive sleeper, it will be especially crucial for you to find a fan that does not make a lot of noise. Slower settings should be quieter, so you should try to avoid higher settings if you are concerned by the amount of noise. 

Speed Settings

Fans tend to give their users a certain amount of control over their speed. This will allow users to choose whether they want their fans to be on a high or low speed, giving the customer options.

If you do not want too much cool air, you can put your fan on a lower setting. Despite this, there will be variations in the number of settings different products will have.

As you may have summarized from this guide, lots of fans have at least 3-speed settings that tend to cover high, medium, and low.

On the other hand, other items will have fewer speed settings. If you want a good range of speeds, research the number of settings before you purchase a device. 

Energy Efficiency

Products that are energy inefficient can add to the cost of your household bills. If you do not have loads of money, the last thing you will want to do is waste loads of it on unnecessary energy bills.

In addition, fans that are not energy efficient will not be good for the environment.

As a result, if you are looking for a fan that will not increase your energy bills and that is good for the environment, be sure to check out the energy efficiency of a fan before you commit to it. 


Some fans can be small and compact, while others are larger and will take up more space. If you have limited space in your bedroom, you should seriously think about the size of a fan before you buy one.

If you have limited space, you will be better off either finding a desk fan or a tower fan. Tower fans are designed to take up as minimal room as possible since they are vertically long but will take up very little floor space.

Meanwhile, as the name suggests, desktop fans are constructed to be placed on a desk. Again, they will take up very little floor space. However, this may mean that you will have to sacrifice desk or counter space. 

If you are looking for a portable fan that you can take with you to other places, such as your work or office, you will need to consider the size of a fan. If it is big or heavy, it will be less portable than those that are smaller.

If portability is a priority for you, then look for a fan that has been made to be easily packed and set up, such as a fold-up design. 

In terms of the placement of your fan, you should also pay attention to the proximity to a plug socket. Many indoor fans will need to be plugged into a socket, meaning that this will also impact where you can position your fans. 


If you are trying to cool down a large room, you will want a fan that has a lot of range. Fortunately, many of the fans on this list have wide oscillations.

This means that they will be able to provide airflow to a wide range of your room. This will be of particular interest if you have a large bedroom. 

In terms of range, you should also investigate if the angle of your fan can be adjusted. If so, these fans are more customizable. Their angles can be altered to enable you to have refreshing air directed towards you. 

Additional Features

Some fan models are more complex than others. These fans will come with features that are not present on a standard fan. These additional features can include timer settings, remote control, lighting, and white noise creation.

However, more advanced fans are likely to be sold at a higher price than more basic models. If it is important that your fan has loads of additional features, it is worth paying extra for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It A Bad Idea To Sleep With A Fan On All Night?

If you are struggling to sleep during warm weather, having your fan on can be beneficial to your sleep.
If you are concerned about this, you can also look for fans with built-in timers. These fans will automatically turn off at a specified time. 
However, having a fan on for a long period of time will use up a lot of energy. This will add to the cost of your fan.
In addition, some studies have found that having fans on for prolonged periods can dry out your skin. If you do suffer from these symptoms, you can use a moisturizer on your skin. 

Are Plastic Fans Better Than Metal Ones? 

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of fans. Metal fans are durable and strong, meaning they will last longer. Meanwhile, plastic fans tend to be cheaper.
Overall, the choice between metal and plastic will be reliant on your preference. 

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