How to Soundproof a Window – 10 Ways to Soundproof Windows

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If you are looking for ways on How to Soundproof a Windows then you are in the right place. We have been receiving a lot of emails to write this article on Soundproofing a Windows. So guess what, we went on and did our research and experiments for around 6 weeks and found 10 different ways you can soundproof your windows for affordable and easy. After doors, Window is the main source or vent for sound to enter a place so it is very important to soundproof the windows to achieve ultimate and effective soundproof for your home or office. 

How to Soundproof a Window

10 Ways to Soundproof Windows

  1. Get Soundproofing Curtains or Drapes
  2. Replace the Windows with Double-Pane or Triple-Pane Windows
  3. Block the Window (Depends on the place)
  4. Block or seal all the gaps around the window
  5. Use Weatherstripping Tape on the Window
  6. Install Barrier Panel on the Window
  7. Cover the Windows using Soundproofing Blankets
  8. Use Professional Acoustic Panels
  9. Rearrange the Furniture to Soundproof the Window
  10. Soundproof using DIY Soundproof Window Inserts (Full Tutorial Provided)

How to Soundproof a Window – 10 Ways to Soundproof Windows

1. Get Soundproofing Curtains or Drapes

If you are looking to soundproof your window then installing a soundproofing curtain or soundproofing drapes is the first thing you wanted to do. Soundproof Curtains or Drapes are manufactured solely to soundproof the windows. I have already reviewed some of the noise reduction curtains on this blog. Make sure you check that out.

10 Best Soundproof Curtains or Drapes

Product ImageProduct Name 
How to Soundproof a Window - 10 Ways to Soundproof WindowsNICETOWN SoundProof Curtains (Editor's Choice)
H.-Versailtex-Premier-Blackout-Wider-Curtains-300x300H.VERSAILTEX Premium Blackout Wider Curtains (Editor's Choice)
NICETOWN-Blackout-Curtains-Panels-300x300NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels (Editor's Choice)
H.VERSAILTEX-Classical-Grommet-300x300H.VERSAILTEX Classical Grommet Curtain
Deconovo-Blackout-Drapes-Curtain-300x300Deconovo Blackout Drapes Curtains
Sideli-Solid-Rod-Pocket-Matt-Curtains-300x300Sideli Solid Rod Pocket Matt Curtains
NICETOWN-Three-Pass-Microfiber-Noise-Reducing-Curtains-300x300NICETOWN Three Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Curtains
Warm-Home-Designs-1-Panel-Curtain-300x300Warm Home Designs 1 Panel Curtain
Flamingo-P-Full-Blackout-Curtains-300x300Flamingo P Full Blackout Curtains
Absolute-Zero-Soundproof-Curtains-300x300Absolute Zero Soundproof Curtains

2. Replace the Windows with Double-Pane or Triple-Pane Windows

Double and Triple Pane Window

This tip on replacing the windows with double or triple pane windows will definitely help you soundproof your windows. But the one drawback is that it could cost and could be expensive depending on the material and the quality. If you have enough budget for your soundproofing project then go ahead. 

A double-pane window is said to block out 60% sound and the triple pane is said to block out 85% of sound. These double-pane or triple-pane windows have numerous advantages other than soundproofing. The Double-Pane and Triple-Pane windows will help your room regular during extreme summers or winters, keeping it at normal room temperature all the time. 

About the installation of these double-pane or triple-pane is I recommend you to get a professional to install these because they can be quite delicate and expensive at the same time. Double-Pane windows have two layers of glasses and the triple-pane windows have three layers of glasses. In terms of which is better, there are many resources available online and they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you ask me then I would totally recommend the Triple-Pane Windows to soundproof your windows. 

3. Block the Window Completely

Blocking the window completely will definitely help in soundproofing that window. But this totally depends on the place. If you have a place where you need some light during the daytime then it’s not recommended to block that windows. For example, I have a window in my Garage which was very unnecessary so I blocked the window completely using some soundproofing materials such as Soundproof Blankets and Insulation Panels. 

You can also place insulation panels on the windows to cover up all the gaps and cracks after blocking the window. Doing this will definitely ensure that the sound cannot enter through any means. 

Blocking the window is not an ideal choice but can be very effective in terms of soundproofing and other issues. 

4. Block or seal all the gaps around the window

This step is mandatory even if you have followed all the other steps that I have mentioned above. You need to block or seal all the gaps around the window to ultimately soundproof the window.

We recommend using a weatherstripping adhesive tape and Window insulator kit to block and seal all the gaps around the window. This is the most cost-effective option. In terms of installation, it is very easy. Just remove the adhesive tape and stick it on the gaps in the window. With the window insulator kit just follow the manual it is very easy to install. 

5. Use Weatherstripping Tape on the Window

You would have already heard about using weatherstripping tape to soundproof any particular place, but using it to soundproof a window is not that popular because there are plenty of other ways to soundproof a window and weatherstripping may not be the one. I have mentioned this tip because if you would have read our article on soundproofing door, then you would have seen a step on using weatherstripping tape on the door. You might also have leftover of those weatherstripping tapes which you can use on the window. 

There is research from that weatherstripping tape has a soundproofing property and can be very effective. Weatherstripping tape is made up of a material called fiberglass which is a sound-absorbing material in nature. If you are wondering about the installation of weatherstripping tape then don’t worry these weatherstripping tapes come adhesive tape which can be used to attach it on the sides of the window.

If you looking to buy a weatherstripping tape then this Weatherstripping Tape is the one that I recommend you to buy.

6. Install Barrier Panel on the Window

A barrier panel is nothing but a panel that is made up of acoustic foam that helps to absorb unwanted sound and unwanted sound signals. Installing a barrier panel on the window is not mandatory but if the above options don’t work, then this is what I recommend you do it. 

Barrier panel is available to buy online, This is the Soundproof Barrier Panel that we recommend you to get and install on your window to soundproof. 

If you looking for ultimate soundproof windows then you can use a double soundproof barrier panel, just buy two barrier panels and install one after the other. 

7. Cover the Windows using Soundproofing Blankets

This was a step that I tried after installing weatherstripping tape on my garage window and don’t really want to invest in Soundproof drapes. These soundproof blankets are super effective in absorbing or stopping sound waves in entering. 

You might be wondering how can a blanket stop sound from entering? These soundproof blankets are made up of multiple layers of dense cloth and also a sound-absorbing material called Fibreglass. You might have also noticed that these types of blankets are used by Packers and Movers to cover up glass or delicate material so that they don’t fall and break. That’s how powerful and strong these types of Fibreglass blankets are made up of. 

If you are looking to get Acoustic Blankets, then this is the one that I recommend. 

8. Use Professional Acoustic Panels

This is the final and ultimate solution if none of the above-mentioned solutions works. Use a professional acoustic panel in your window. These acoustic panels are used by professional people such as Musicians and singers in their room to completely soundproof the place. These professional acoustic panels are pretty expensive so only buy them if you need it very much. Here are some nice looking acoustic panels that I recommend for soundproofing your window. 

These professional acoustic panels are very similar to the soundproof blanket but thicker, bulkier with more mass which acts a powerful sound-absorbing barrier and making the room more soundproof and acoustic. 

9. Rearrange the Furniture to Soundproof the Window

When the room is pretty empty then the more acoustic and the sound increases. so rearrange the furniture appropriately will help in soundproofing the window. Arrange the furniture around the window or also cover the window. Doing this will help the sound bounce back. Buy more soft furniture which will act as an acoustic panel in the room.

10. Soundproof using DIY Soundproof Window Inserts

A DIY (Do It Yourself) soundproof window insert is a frame that is used to fill up or increase the airtight on the window space. There are multiple names for this soundproof window insert. Some of the names are Window Plug or Window Filler. These soundproof inserts are very simple and small. All you need to do is just plug or insert them in the window when needed and then you can remove when it’s not needed. That’s how simple it is. 

How to make a Soundproof Window Inserts

Things You Need to Make DIY Soundproof Window

  1. Get a Wooden board, measure it according to the size of the window, and cut it accordingly. Ensure that you have measured and cut it properly without any gaps or cracks. 
  2. Cut the Soundproof Mat to the exact size of the wooden board frame. After cutting it accordingly you need to stick it to the wooden board frame using a Glue or Bond.

Watch the Video for Full Tutorial on DIY Soundproof Window Inserts

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What materials can block sound?

The best materials to block sound are

  • Green Glue Compound
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Acoustic Foam Panel
  • Soundproof Drywall

How much do soundproof windows cost?

It totally depends. It can cost anywhere between $30 to $300. 

Does window film reduce noise?

Yes, Window with sound blocking film will soundproof the window making it reducing the noise. It can reduce noise up to 5 decibels. 

How can I make my house soundproof from outside noise?

Soundproofing the window is the first thing to do to soundproof your house from outside noise. Follow the information on this article to soundproof your window.

Do soundproof windows really work?

Yes, Soundproofing windows do work.

How do I reduce outside noise from my windows?

To reduce outside noise from your windows you need to soundproof your windows. In this article, I have mentioned 10 best way to soundproof a window. Follow the steps properly. 

How can I soundproof my windows cheap?

You can soundproof your windows cheaply but you need to get budget materials and do the work yourself, instead of hiring a contractor. 

Conclusion on How to Soundproof a Window

I hope this article or information helped you soundproofing your window. If you have doubts, problems, or suggestion then please don’t hesitate to comment below. If you need any help then use the contact us page to contact us. Please do share it with your Friends and Family to help them soundproof their windows. 

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