How To Soundproof A Bedroom Door

by Jennifer Porterfield | Last Updated: March 12, 2024
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Picture this: you’ve just gotten home from a long day at work and you’re excited to finally spend some alone time unwinding in your room. That is until you’re rudely interrupted by unwanted noise coming from outside your door! 

How To Soundproof A Bedroom Door

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you might try, sometimes it can be impossible to prevent noise from creeping through into your bedroom – especially if that noise is coming from a source that is out of your control, such as your next-door neighbor’s home. 

Nevertheless, while this might be the case, that doesn’t mean that you need to throw in the towel and accept defeat.

Instead, there are a variety of ways that you can help to quieten the noise so that you can enjoy your favorite TV show, 8 hours of sleep, or simply just some much-needed peace and quiet. Read on! 

Seal gaps

When trying to soundproof a bedroom door, one of the first things that you should do is check to see if there are any gaps in your door that could be giving sound waves the opportunity to permeate into your bedroom.

While not always the case, there are some instances in which the bottom of a bedroom door can have a gap underneath, and if that’s the case for you, then we recommend sealing it so that sound will be prevented from traveling through and disturbing you. 

If you’re interested in trying this method out for yourself to see if you notice a decrease in sound disturbance, then one of the best ways that you can do this is by using a door draft stopper or weatherstripping bar which will be able to “fill” the gap.

If you’re currently in need of a recommendation and you’re not sure where to start looking, we recommend that you check out the Suptikes Door Draft Stopper, which offers a dual-action of being a noise muffler, too.

Unlike other types of door seals, the Suptikes Door Draft Stopper is unique because it features 2 layers of sealer (while other types of sealers on the market typically contain 1 layer) which will ensure that external noise won’t be able to travel through and interfere with your quiet time.

Not only that, but the Suptikes Door Draft Stopper also requires very little know-how to install, and will only require you to measure the width of your door, cut it to the measurement and then stick it to the bottom of your door with the included adhesive. Convenient or what? 

Use Acoustic Tiles

If you don’t have any gaps in your door but are still noticing that sound is creeping through and causing plenty of disruption, then another great way that you can dampen external noise is by opting to install acoustic tiles on the back of your bedroom door.

If you’ve never heard of acoustic tiles before, they are essentially designed to help cancel out unwanted noise by being able to absorb sound waves and prevent them from traveling any further.

Thanks to this, not only are acoustic tiles great for creating a quiet bedroom environment ideal for relaxing, sleeping, or watching TV, acoustic tiles are also awesome additions to music recording environments, which means that they can also be used to create professional sound quality home recording studios, too. 

In need of a recommendation? No problem. If you’re interested in trying out acoustic tiles for yourself, then we suggest that you check out the X IN LOG Soundproofing Acoustic Tiles.

Besides coming in a range of different colorways that will fit a variety of different bedroom interiors, these acoustic tiles can be easily stuck onto your bedroom door without causing any damage to the surface of your door. 

Place A Curtain In Front Of Your Door

If you don’t wish to attach acoustic tiles to your bedroom door, then another option you could consider trying is to place a curtain in front of your bedroom door.

Besides creating a chic and cozy atmosphere, placing a specifically designed soundproofing curtain in front of your bedroom door will help to prevent sound from traveling into your bedroom and causing disruption, so it’s a great option to consider trying. 

If this option is something that you’re interested in, the NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Noise Reducing Drape needs to be on your radar.

Unlike a regular curtain or drape, the NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Noise Reducing Drape is unique because it has been specifically designed to offer sound-absorbing abilities two times greater than standard curtains currently on the market.

Plus, it’s available in a variety of different colors, which means that you will be able to pick one that compliments your bedroom’s interior and color theme.

Pad Out Your Door

If adding a curtain in front of your door isn’t really your thing, then you could alternatively opt to pad out your door with soundproofing padding.

Similar to acoustic tiles, soundproofing padding will be able to prevent sound from traveling into your room, the only difference?

Soundproofing padding is thinner by design and more subtle than acoustic tiles. – so it’s a great option to consider for those who prefer a minimalistic look. 

If you’re currently in the market for soundproofing padding, you won’t be disappointed with the Trademark Soundproofing Store Soundproofing Padding.

Made out of the finest vinyl, these soundproofing sheets are heavy-duty and made to offer you a long service life, and will be able to create an extremely effective noise reduction barrier that will ensure you’re able to enjoy spending time in your room without being disturbed by annoying external noise.

Not only that, but the TMS Soundproofing Padding is also super easy to install and comes with a simple-to-follow user handbook filled with all of the necessary information to install it onto your bedroom door.

This padding is even suitable to be used on walls, which means that you could also use it to soundproof your bedroom wall if needed, too!

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