How to Soundproof a Door – 10 Ways to Soundproof a Door

Do you know which place in the house or office is very important to soundproof? Most of you would have thought it’s the walls or windows but the actual truth is the doors. When you soundproof your door in your house or office, then you have soundproofed 60% of the place. After our article on the best soundproof curtains went viral, we also received a shit ton of requests to write a detailed article on How to Soundproof a Door at home and office. In this article, I have written 10 different ways to soundproof a door. Make sure you follow the steps provided properly without skipping on any for effective wall soundproofing. 

How to Soundproof a Door - 10 Ways to Soundproof a Door

10 Ways to Soundproof a Door

  1. Use Door Gasket
  2. Seal all the Gaps and Cracks
  3. Use Soundproof Blankets
  4. Use Soundproof Rug
  5. Use a Door Sweep
  6. Use Weatherstripping Tape on the Door
  7. Use Soundproof or Sound-Absorbing Foam Panels
  8. Dampen The Noise On The Other Side
  9. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl
  10. Buy a Brand New Door

How to Soundproof a Door – 10 Ways to Soundproof a Door

1. Use a Door Gasket

Door Gasket for Soundproofing door

Using or implementing a door gasket on your door will reduce sound or soundproof your place drastically. This requires a little bit of investment because you need to buy door gaskets. If you ask me for my recommendation on the best door gasket that I am using currently, then it would be this Metro Moulded Parts Front Door Seal. 

Door Gasket is very similar to weatherstripping tapes but more efficient with more applications. What door gasket does is it fills up all the gaps in the edges and sides of the door with this rubber gasket that stops the sound to pass through the gaps when the door is closed. Door gaskets also have multiple applications such as it blocks out Sound, Light, Moisture, Dust and Dirt and other pollutants to get inside the house or office. 

2. Seal all the Gaps and Cracks

This method is very crucial and depends on the situation. You need to seal all the gaps and cracks. This is the first step that I would suggest you to do to soundproof your door. Sealing the gaps and cracks in the door or around the door is very affordable and effective to soundproof the door. 

The cracks and gaps in the door are the main culprits that let all the sound or noise into the house or office, blocking them or sealing them will reduce the sound very much. 

To identify the Gaps and Cracks in the door, 

  • Turn off all the lights and also close all the drapes or curtains. Now see if there are any light passing through the door, if there is light passing through it means that your door has Gaps or Cracks. Make sure you do this in the daytime when there is sunlight outside. 
  • If there is no light outside then ask someone to go outside the door, close the door and ask them to use a torch or light. If you see light coming in from the gaps then you have a door with gaps and cracks. 

Sealing the gaps and cracks in the door is very easy, all you need to do is buy this insulating sealant that can be used to seal the gaps and cracks in the door. This insulating sealant is spray type sealant which airtight in nature. Just spray this insulant sealant on the gaps and cracks of the door to seal those gaps and cracks. Just let the sealant dry. If it doesn’t look good or doesn’t blend with color, just paint above it. 

If the gaps or crack in the door are very small, let say smaller than 1 inch then the above-mentioned insulant sealant won’t work. You need a Foam sealant for gaps or cracks that are smaller than 1 inch. The Red Devil Foam Sealant is what we recommend to use. It’s very affordable to easy to use.

 3. Use Soundproof Blankets

soundproof blanket for door

Using a Soundproof Blanket on the Door is a sure shot and 100% working method to soundproof the door. These soundproof blankets are made up of a material called fiberglass which is popularly known for its sound-absorbing capabilities. These fiberglass soundproof blanket are super effective to soundproof a door. 

The installation of these soundproof blanket is very simple and easy. All you need to do is just hang them above the door with hooks that door this blanket on the door. That’s it, that’s how easy it is. One of the biggest demerits of these soundproof blankets is that these blanket are not visually very appealing and looks kinda ugly. I would recommend using these soundproof blankets on doors that are not every public for example like the laundry room door, which is quite noisy or uses these soundproof blankets on the Basement door. 

4. Use Soundproof Rug

Using a soundproof rug is very similar to using a soundproof blanket, but these types of the rug will dampen the soundproof unlike where the soundproof blankets absorb the sound. 

Rugs can be used as a soundproof blanket alternate because of their visual appeal. The soundproof rug can be very much good looking at the same time does it work which dampening the sound. But rugs are not so effective if the goal is to soundproof, unlike others. The heavier rugs are very soundproof because the heavier the rug the more sound or echo it could dampen and more soundproof effectiveness. 

We don’t recommend this placing the rug to completely soundproof the door. We recommend or suggest you use it with the other door soundproofing methods. If you are looking for soundproof rugs then I suggest you look at Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection. This rug is really good looking with impressive designs. This rug is made up of a thick material called polypropylene fiber which makes it very soundproof, strong and also durable. It would be a perfect investment for the house or office. 

One of the main advantages of using rugs to soundproof is there is no installation required. All you need to do is just place the rugs in the house or office that’s it. 

5. Use a Door Sweep

Door Sweep for Soundproof

Using or Installing Door Sweep on the door is a good idea for soundproof. The door sweep is not only working used or installed on the door for soundproofing, but it also has a lot of different benefits. You can block all the parts of the doors using Door Gasket, Weatherstripping tape, or any types of insulating sealing but you can’t block the biggest gap in the door which is the space between the door and the floor, that is where you implement the door sweep. 

Door sweep has other benefits like blocking insects or ants to get in or dust, whereas it even blocks sound also to get in which is amazing and not a lot of people know this. The door sweep is simple products that can be easily installed and made up of soundproof absorbing or dampening materials. If you are interested in buying a door sweep to soundproof your door and also achieve other benefits of door sweep then we recommend this door sweep which is amazing and get the work done. 

6. Use Weatherstripping Tape on the Door

After reading the title, I am sure you are a little bit shocked that you can use weatherstripping tape on the door to soundproof. Because even I was. But I read this article on on weatherstripping tape and learned that you can use weatherstripping tape on the door to soundproof. 

Weatherstripping tape is used in the garage door for a long time now. But the fact that they can be used to soundproof the door is genius. Weatherstripping tape is made up of a material called fiberglass which is a sound-absorbing material in nature. If you are wondering about the installation of weatherstripping tape then don’t worry these weatherstripping tapes come adhesive tape which can be used to attach it on the door.

If you looking to buy a weatherstripping tape then this Weatherstripping Tape is the one that I recommend you to buy.

7. Use Soundproof or Sound-Absorbing Foam Panels

If you think soundproof blankets or a sound-absorbing rug is expensive then, soundproof or sound-absorbing foam panel is the way to go. What these soundproof foam panels do is they are made of a material that is known to increase the air resistance on which the panels are placed, which in return reduces the amount of sound that passes through them. 

The installation of these soundproof foam panels is super easy. Their procedure is exactly like the soundproof blankets that I have mentioned above. All you need do is just place the soundproof foam panels on the door and you are good to go. Now that you have placed you have soundproofed the door.

 If you are interested in buying a good and quality soundproof foam panel then I recommend you to buy this Acoustic Foam Panels and if you gonna hang this on the door then I don’t recommend you to nail them down as they would damage door instead buy this Command Picture Hanging Strips which will help you place these soundproof foam panel on the door. 

8. Dampen The Noise On The Other Side

All the methods that I have mentioned before in the above methods are what to be done from the inner side of the door, the door when you enter but this method is to dampen or soundproof the door which is in the other side. This is a very important step to be considered if you wanted to achieve an absolute soundproof home or office. 

These are some of the stuff that we suggest you do if you want to dampen or soundproof the noise on the other side which is you can use soundproof rugs on the other side of the door. You can also try out Soundproof Blankets, Use Door Sweep, Weatherstripping Tape on the other part of the door, or you can also soundproof foam panels. 

You can also ignore this part, but I really recommend you to follow this part for full effectiveness. 

9. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl

If you are wondering what the hell is Mass Loaded Vinyl, then Mass Loaded Vinyl is a thick material or a thick agent that acts as a barrier or a wall to the sound that is been transmitted through the air. 

Mass Loaded Vinyl is super effective for example lets say you hear noise from the hallway through your door which can be totally stopped using Mass Loaded Vinyl. If you think about the installation of mass loaded vinyl then don’t worry its super easy, to be honest. Buy the Mass Loaded Vinyl (This is the one which we recommend), Cut the vinyl according to the size of the door and stick or attach it to the door. To stick or attach the mass loaded vinyl you can use adhesive or staples. 

If you want the mass loaded vinyl to be very effective then you can buy two of those and attach one after the other in the door. By doing this it will act as a double barrier and protect the sound from entering it. One of the disadvantages of using mass loaded vinyl is that it is quite expensive but totally worth it. 

10. Buy a Brand New Door

Even after doing all the above methods if your door is not soundproofed then you really need to get a brand new door. Because the old door starts to get pores and cracks that make the sound enter through the door. One solution is to buy a brand new door. One suggestion that I would give is to buy a solid door and not a hollow one. Hollow doors are very sound friendly whereas a solid door is very strong with the soundproof absorbant and soundproofing. 

And one more suggestion is to get a professional person to attach the door in your place. Buying a brand new solid door will definitely soundproof your place for sure. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I make my door soundproof?

You can soundproof your door by following these methods,

  • Use Door Gasket
  • Seal all the Gaps and Cracks
  • Use Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Use Weatherstripping Tape on the Door
  • Use a Door Sweep

What household items can you use to soundproof a door?

The household items you can use to soundproof your door are 

  • Soundproof Curtains
  • Thick Carpets
  • Thick Rugs
  • Foam Floor Tiles
  • DIY Acoustic Door Plug.

How do you soundproof a door with a blanket?

You can soundproof your door with a blanket by taping the blanket on the door using an adhesive tape. Or better you can use a double side tape to stick the blanket on the door. 

How do you soundproof an office door?

All the methods mentioned here will work in soundproofing the office door. Some methods that are applicable in soundproofing office doors are Install a Solid Core Door, Use Acoustic Foam Panels and others. 

Does putting a towel under the door block sound?

Yes, but not very effectively. It’s better you follow the methods that we mentioned here. 

How can I soundproof my bedroom?

You can follow the methods mentioned in this blog to soundproof your bedroom.

What material absorbs sound the best?

The material that absorbs sound the best is Acoustic Foam, Sound Absorbing Underlayment, Acoustic Partitions, Acoustic Cotton Batts and many more. 

Do blankets block sound?

Yes, Blankets do block sound. Check this article on Best Soundproofing Blanket.

How do I stop sound from entering a room?

To stop sound from entering a room you need to soundproof the door, soundproof the walls, soundproof the windows. Soundproofing all these will fix the sound issue. 

Do towels block sound?

Yes, towels do block sound. But not very effectively. 

How do you soundproof a French door?

To soundproof a french door, follow these steps

  • Install Soundproofing Curtains
  • Install Heavy Blankets on the Door
  • Seal and Find gaps on the door
  • Block the bottom of the door
  • Block the air vents above the door

Conclusion on Soundproofing a Door 

I am concluding this article here and I hope you found it very helpful and finally helped you get rid of all the noise that you are getting through the door. I will keep updating the article with more new information that will help you soundproof your door effectively. Thank You for reading it and please do share it with your friends and family on social networking sites. 

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