Why Is The PS4 So Loud?

by Jennifer Porterfield | Last Updated: February 14, 2024
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If you regularly game on a PS4, then you have probably noticed that this gaming console can sometimes sound more like a jet engine.

Why Is The PS4 So Loud?

While the PS4 is, undoubtedly, one of the best consoles that has ever been released, the operating noise can sometimes be a lot, and you might find yourself wondering when it got so loud. 

When you first bought your PS4, it was probably quiet as a mouse, but over the years it has likely gotten louder with age, and you might find that this becomes excessively loud at times.

Sometimes the PS4 can sulk when you put in a new game with a large file size, and in its sulk, it can almost scream out with frustration.

But why does this console do this? And why is the PS4 so loud? In this guide, we’ll be answering both of these questions and lots more. 

Is It Normal For A PS4 To Be Loud?

No gaming console is completely silent, so it is normal for the PS4 to make some operating noise when you are using it. But what is not normal is for the PS4 to wail out every single time that you use it.

When you have used your PS4 regularly, you will know the difference between normal operating noise, and loud operating noise.

If the noise is louder than normal, then this could be a sign that something is wrong with your PlayStation. The normal operating noise that you will hear from your PlayStation comes from the fan.

As the PlayStation operates, it will produce heat because of all the different internal components that allow you to see excellent graphics, and interact with what you see on the screen.

It is the fan’s job to blow out this heat, to prevent the PS4 from overheating. So a certain amount of noise should be expected from your PlayStation, especially if you are playing large games. But, this noise is not normal.

So, if your PS4 continues to produce a large amount of operating noise, even after your game has been downloaded/installed, this is not normal. 

Why Is The PS4 So Loud?

So, it is normal for the PS4 to make some operating noise, but it is not normal for the PS4 to make a lot of operating noise. So, if you would consider your PS4 to be “so loud”, this is probably a sign that something is wrong with it. 

As we have said, the main operating noise that you hear from your PS4 comes from the fan. It is the fan’s job to prevent the PlayStation from overheating, but its ability to do this is often inhibited.

If this happens, then the fan will become a lot louder because it will have to work overtime to do its job. The main thing that inhibits the PS4’s ability to do its job properly is dust. So, this is what usually causes your PS4 to be “so loud”. 

Dust is everywhere. It is in the surrounding air, and you will often find that you spend a lot of your time wiping dust off of the surfaces in your home.

You have probably dusted your PlayStation before, but no matter how much dust you wipe off its surface, this won’t change the fact that dust has probably already entered the inside of your PS4.

As your PS4 gets older, more dust will build up inside the console, and this will make the PS4 noisier and noisier as time goes on. 

How to Reduce Operating Noise Of Your PS4

Thankfully, reducing the operating noise of the fan of your PS4 isn’t actually that difficult. That means that you will quickly be able to get the operating noise down, allowing you to enjoy playing your PlayStation once more.

So, let’s take a look at some of the different methods that you can use to reduce the operating noise of your PS4. 

Method One: Turn Your PS4

Most of the time, we keep our PS4’s horizontal. This is simply the way in which they have been used since they were first introduced to the market, but, you can actually also use the PS4 vertically.

If you usually use your PS4 horizontally, flipping it to a vertical position will allow it better airflow, and this will likely reduce the amount of heat building up in your PS4, and also the noise. So, if your PS4 is loud, try this as the first fix. 

Method Two: Move Your PS4

If the first method does not work, you might want to try this method before you go any further. One reason why your PS4 might be operating very loudly could be because the area in your home where you use it isn’t well ventilated.

This could be caused by other consoles or remotes being too close to your PS4, and inhibiting the airflow in and around the fan. So, you could reduce the operating noise by clearing space around your PS4, or moving it to a better ventilated space. 

Method Three: Clean Your PS4

If none of the methods which we have looked at so far work, then you will have to clean out your PS4. This can seem like it would be a difficult task, but it actually isn’t.

All you need is a can of compressed air, and easy access to the vents on your PS4. If your PS4 is being very loud, then this is likely because dust has built up within the vents.

So, when you blow compressed air through the vents and the inputs, you should clear the dust, and this should reduce the noise that the fan makes when you use your PS4. 


In short, the PS4 should produce some operating noise, but this noise should not be excessively loud. If your PlayStation is very loud, then this could be a sign that something is wrong.

More often than not, if your PS4 suddenly becomes very loud, this is because the fan is working overtime due to dust in the PS4. To find out how to reduce this noise, check out the guide above. 

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