How To Fix A Squeaky Box Spring

by Jennifer Porterfield | Last Updated: August 8, 2023
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Sleep is considered to be one of the most important functions in the world, as it helps to keep us rested and allows our minds to process the events of the day.

How To Fix A Squeaky Box Spring

However, this does not mean that sleep is always easy, as there are countless elements that could stand in the way of a good night’s rest, from a lumpy mattress to uncomfortable pillows. 

But one thing that can make sleep almost impossible is a squeaky box spring.

Although beds can squeak for numerous reasons, you will find that the culprit is usually the springs in your mattress, which can begin to wear down with overuse.

So if you want to know how you can fix your squeaky mattress, then you have come to the right place. 

In the following article, we are going to explain how you can fix your squeaky box spring using simple techniques that require no special tools or expensive materials.

Not only are these methods useful, but they are also easy to use and promise to stop your bed from squeaking in no time at all. So if your squeaky box springs are keeping you up, here’s everything you need to combat the issue. 

Now let’s get started… 

Why Is Your Bed Squeaking?

Beds can squeak due to a range of different reasons, although the most common culprit could be your bed springs coming into contact with the frame of the bed.

This is when the metals inside the bed grind against each other, which can result in the production of a high-pitch squeak. 

Beyond this, general maintenance can also be a factor in your bed’s squeaking, as loose bolts and unlubricated joints can also contribute to the annoying noise.

So if your squeaky box spring has finally driven you to the edge, there are various methods that you can use to fix the problem. 

However, before we can show you how to tackle your squeaky box spring, you must first understand what a box spring even is. 

What Is A Box Spring?

Even though the name does not do the product any justice, the term box springs refers to the general foundation of your mattress, which will usually take the form of a supportive square.

Despite this, it is important to note that many mattress manufacturers no longer use springs to make their products, as they are now considered to be dangerous and painful to sleep on. 

However, some beds still use springs to absorb the weight of your body, which helps to enhance the overall structure and support of the mattress.

Beyond this, the springs inside the foundation of the bed also work to make firm mattresses feel softer and more comfortable while you sleep. 

Although it remains unclear how the box spring got its name, it can be safe to assume that the term was created to describe the functionality of the product itself, with the box supporting the part of the bed that contains the springs. 

How To Fix A Squeaky Box Spring

Now that you understand what a box spring is, let’s take a look at the various methods you can use to fix your squeaky mattress. 

These techniques are simple to use and require no professional equipment, although you will need some basic tools and affordable soundproofing materials to get the job done. Let’s get started… 

Method 1: Locate The Source

Before you can begin fixing your squeaky box spring, you need to locate the source of the noise, which is something easier said than done. 

So to complete this process, we recommend seeking the help of a family member or friend, so that they can lie on the bed while you locate the noise. 

For the best results, make sure to inspect the points where the bed connects to the spring, which can be found on the sides and under the bed. 

Alternatively, you can also take your bed apart and inspect each component individually. 

Method 2: Pad The Area

If you have any old or unused clothing (such as t-shirts and socks), then you can use them to pad the area between the box spring and the mattress. 

By creating this barrier, you can reduce the amount of friction between the spring and the frame, which will help to mute the sound. 

When using this particular technique, you will need to lay the clothes carefully between the mattress and the box spring, while making sure to cover the exact area where the squeak is coming from. 

However, you must be careful not to overstuff the slate, otherwise, you could risk damaging the spring box and making the clothes overspill. 

Method 3: Tighten The Bolts

When your box spring is squeaky, this could be the result of loose bolts, which means you will need to tighten them using a common wrench. 

However, if the squeakiness persists, then you may need to add a washer between the bolts and the wood, as this will help to reduce tension and eliminate the noise. 

It is also recommended to make sure that all of the joints have been lubricated, as this will help to reduce the chances of squeaking. For the best results, we recommend using products such as WD40, although cooking spray is also an affordable option. 

Although tightening and lubricating the bolts can be effective, it is not a permanent solution, which means you will have to repeat the process every 3 months. 

Method 4: Swap The Box Spring

Another effective method to fixing your squeaky box spring is to swap the box spring around, which means the head side will rotate to the feet and vice versa. 

Once you have swapped the box spring, put the mattress back on and then test your bed for any more squeaks. 

Method 5: Lubricate The Coils

As we previously mentioned, loose bolts can be a huge contributor to squeaky box springs and the same logic also applies to box spring coils. 

So if you want to know how you can lubricate your box spring coils, we have outlined the process in the following steps: 

  1. Remove the mattress from your bed and set it aside.
  2. Flip over the box spring to access the box spring coils. 
  3. Open the side of the box spring to easily reach the coils. 
  4. Carefully apply some WD40 to the coils until each one has been lubricated. 
  5. Stitch up the side to cover the coils back up. 

Method 6: Make A Buffer

If the squeak continues to persist after padding the area, then you can make a buffer to help eliminate the noise. 

This involves taking a piece of plywood and placing it between your mattress and the box spring, which should minimize contact and reduce the squeak. 

For the best results, we recommend going to a hardware store to have the plywood cut, as they will be able to help you with the necessary dimensions. 

Method 7: Buy A Box Spring

If the other methods fail, then this could mean that you will need to purchase a new box spring for your bed. 

If you are working with a tight budget, then you can buy affordable box springs from some department stores and online platforms such as Amazon. 

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