How to Quiet a Noisy Generator for RV/Camping and Home

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Are you looking for information on How to Quiet a Generator then you are in the right place. After our article on How to Build a Soundproof Box for Generators got a lot of good feedback, the readers started to request for an article on How to Quiet a Generator for RV or Camping and also at home. So as I usually do before writing any type of information based article I will be doing my research and experimentation. So I did experiment with stuff for around a month and came up with this information. So in this article, I will be giving you information on How to Soundproof or Quiet a Generator for RV or Camping and Home. 

How to Quiet a Generator

Best ways to Quiet Noisy Generators are 

  1. Build a Soundproof Box or an Enclosure for your Generator
  2. Install Sound Deflectors
  3. Move the Exhaust Pipes to a Vertical Position
  4. Move the Generator Further Away
  5. Place the Generator on an Anti-Vibration Mat
  6. Get a Removable Rubber Cover or Flap
  7. Build or Buy a Baffle Box
  8. Try the Water Bucket Trick
  9. Replace the Muffler
  10. Buy a New Quiet Generator

How to Quiet a Noisy Generator for RV/Camping and Home

1. Build a Soundproof Box or an Insulated Enclosure for your Generator

Firstly this is the first solution that I would give you if you are looking to quiet a generator. You need to build a soundproof box or an insulated enclosure for the generator. This works perfectly for many people and if you are camping then this is the best solution for this problem.

It’s not that difficult to build a box. All you need is to take some measurements of the generator, get some stuff such as a fiberglass board, some soundproofing materials, and some air vents and that’s it. Put them together and you get a good and affordable soundproof box for the generator. If you need a full tutorial on building generator quiet box so check this article out. I have already covered a full DIY tutorial on this blog. 

Another solution to this is to build a Fireproof Insulated Box, this one would be lighter and will be able to absorb all the heat and also the sound making the generator quieter. 

2. Install Sound Deflectors 

If you are wondering what is sound deflectors?

Then it is a device or an object which is used to divert the path of the noise. Or in simpler terms it’s a device or an object used to turn the path of the noise. 

Sound Deflectors are not really meant to be used to quiet generators, but this is more of an outside the box thinking. I used sound deflectors for my TV and Home theatre. So gave a shot with my generator and guess what? It worked. I bought some Sound Deflectors on Amazon and installed them towards the opposite side where I want the sound to go so it won’t reach me. This is not a perfect solution but it worked for me. Try it out. 

3. Move the Exhaust Pipes to a Vertical Position

This is really a good solution to make the generator quieter. I am sure you know that by default the Exhaust Pipes on the generator is in Horizontal Position so all the air and sound come out towards you. So its really important to turn the exhaust pipes in the vertical position so that all the noise and air will go toward the sky or top so the noise will be very optimal.  

By vertical position, I mean upright position. Try this because it works and is very effective. But only doing this won’t make the generator very quiet. You need to implement this solution with also the other solutions that I have mentioned in this article. 

4. Move the Generator Further Away

I know this is a bit of basic advice but its really effective when used with the other solutions that I have mentioned in this article. We usually put the generator near us or near the camping area because it’s easily accessible but try moving the generator further away, you will hear every little to no noise at all. 

Keep the generator at least 20 feet away from the campsite. This is because the generator brands give the decibel measurement of the volume the noise the generator makes and also they will mention like a meter number also usually it is “7m or 8m”. That is how distant the generator is kept before taking note of the decibel measurement of the generator. So its an advice from the manufacturer to keep the generator far away. 

Implement this solution with other solutions also, for example, try this one but also use the sound deflectors to divert the sound in the opposite direction. Also, move the exhaust vent vertically. 

5. Place the Generator on an Anti-Vibration Mat

This one is really effective in quieting the generator or soundproofing the generator. When you place an anti-vibration mat below the generator you are creating an elevated surface for the generator. Now that it’s on an elevated surface there won’t be any type vibrations. So its totally recommended using the generator on an anti-vibration mat than any other concrete or wooden board surface. Just don’t place the generator on any hard surfaces because that would cause more noise than any other surface. 

If you don’t have an anti-vibration mat then just place the generator on the ground, by doing this you are grounding all the external vibration, every vibration is absorbed by the earth. But I totally recommend getting a good Anti-Vibration Mat because if you place the generator on the ground it could damage it in the long run. If you are looking for Anti-Vibration Mat Recommendation then get this Xcel Foam Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat on Amazon. I am using the same mat for my generator and also for my washing machine. This is the best Anti-Vibration Mat that I have ever used. 

Just remember not to place the generator on any type of hard surfaces like Concrete or Wood. 

6. Get a Removable Rubber Cover or Flap

This is almost the same as the soundproof box that I had mentioned before but with a little alteration. You can make or build a removable rubber cover or flap for the generator. 

This removable rubber flap or cover is more like an enclosure for the generator to stop the sound signals from penetrating.  If you already have built a soundproof box then you can ignore this solution.

7. Build or Buy a Baffle Box

Baffle Box or a quite box is a type enclosure for the generator that serves to hold the noise inside and also mask the noise of the generator so that the sound doesn’t get to you. 

The most important stuff to take care of when building a baffle box is to take care of the venting system. 

How to Build a Baffle Box for Quieting a Generator


  • A Sheet of Plywood
  • Some Quiet Board
  • L Bracket
  • Stuff Foam
  • Tools like Screws
  1. Take Measurement, measure your generator and also cut the plywood accordingly. 
  2. Put the plywood together as a box with the L Bracket.
  3. Install the Quiet Board on the plywood.
  4. Stuff the foam in the edges and corners of the quiet board. 
  5. Make an opening in the front to get the extension cord.

That’s it, you have built a baffle box for the generator from scratch. If the written tutorial is hard to follow then watch this video.

8. Try the Water Bucket Trick 

This is a good trick but it might be intimidating to hear first but trust it’s easy and can work depending on the situation. It is pure science-based, Physics to be honest.

To try this trick you have to attach a hose to the exhaust pipe of the generator, then put the other end of the hose into a bucket of water. That’s how simple this is. Try it out and let me know how quiet is it in the comment below.

The basic science on how this works is that we all know that every type of sound muffles when the sound is deflector or directly into the water, that is it. Water absorbs all the sound waves and vibration making it quiet.

But this method is completely depended on the type of generator that you are using. It works well for some generators and it doesn’t work that well for some so you need to test it out yourself. 

9. Replace the Muffler

Let’s say that you are having a very lengthy exhaust pipe or a rubber hose around it and if you still hear a lot of noise from the generator then you might want to replace the muffler.

This is completely optional that’s why I have put this in the end. I am sure you know that people say that muffler is the reason for the sound or the reason which can quiet the noise but its a complete myth. 

Replace the current muffler in the generator with a new one and let us know if it works. 

10. Buy a New Quiet Generator

I know this is a sad solution but we might not have other options. If none of the solutions that I have mentioned work then you might want to get a new generator. 

Try and get a smaller generator and power up to 4000W.

Wrapping UP!

I hope that this article on How to Quiet to Generator For RV or Camping and also for home. If these solutions were helpful or worked then please do share it with your friends and family who own a generator and looking to making it quiet. You can share this article with them via Social Networking sites. If you any doubts or problem then please comment down below. I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank You for taking the time to read this article. 

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